Exercise Weight Loss and Diet Pills

by : Chris Harris

Home exercise weight loss oriented programs are a cheap alternative for hiring a personal trainer to lose weight. However, this is not necessarily the best approach towards exercise to shred extra pounds. In fact, who said that exercise is the best method for losing weight to begin with?

You might think that the last sentence was somewhat controversial. In order to clarify any misunderstanding let's discover the root of unhealthy weight gain: poor metabolism. Note: some of you may have a condition (such as hypothyroidism) that may require more than the methods I will list here, but for the most part, poor metabolism for the rest of us is caused by two factors poor activity and poor eating habits.

To correct this type of weight gain you can either embark on a home exercise weight loss program, or change your diet, or both. Now I know this may seem like I am contradicting myself from what I said earlier regarding the exercise component. Of course I never said that exercise is ineffective. I implied that exercise is not the BEST method to lose weight.

The reason is simple, and is based on the amount of calories required for you to lose weight. The exercise that you would have to do in order to accomplish this is VERY intense. Not all folks can handle this. Basically you would have to be in shape in order to be in shape in order to exercises that will in turn help you do some more brutally intense exercises to help you lose weight.

Do some TV shows where overweight people exercise to death freak you out? It should. Why? Because they're too hard, that's why! You would need the help of fitness trainer for that. This is not why you visited this page, unless you wanted to hire a fitness to train in your own home, which I doubt is why you come here also.

Now how about changing your eating habits? Well anyone can do that effectively and cheaply. You just have to be informed of the right way to do it and, most importantly, ACT on it.

If you are unsure of the best way to go about this, you can gain access to information on how without a home exercise weight loss program here. You will discover that, thankfully, no fads, no hocus pocus, no unsafe or unhealthy forms of weight loss are needed. Also, no "special" recipes or shakes are needed to lose weight. So what is?

In a nutshell, to effectively lose weight you would have to eliminate the bad foods from your diet and start eating good foods. I know this sounds cliche-ic but it is true. You don't have to eliminate carbs or fats or proteins from your diet, or resort to certain cleanses to accomplish this. You just have to learn to select, make and eat the right types of foods that are body-friendly.

With that being said, the rest of us have lost weight or can lose weight using this method.