How More Protein Can Help you Lose Weight Fast

by : Peggy Edwards

Years ago it seemed like all we heard about beef and pork was how it was a good source of protein, but it wasn't good for you because of all the saturated fat.

Turn the page to the present time and this is no longer the way things are. You can buy lean cuts of beef, chicken and pork that contain very little fat. So not only will you get the benefits of protein, but you'll also reduce the saturated fats that normally come with it. A good example of this is with the extra lean hamburger you can find in any grocery store. It's up to 98% lean.

So, how does increasing your protein intake have anything to do with losing weight?

1. Studies from around the world have shown that protein is beneficial in eliminating hunger, building body mass and helping with weight loss.

2. Studies have also shown that meals with higher levels will help burn more fat after eating.

3. Research is also showing that people who get more of their daily calories from proteins instead of carbs are more likely to burn more fat and produce more lean muscle.

4. One other point about increasing this level is that it takes the body longer to digest it, unlike simple sugars and carbs. Since it stays with you longer you don't feel hungry all of the time. That is where this can really help you with losing weight on any diet plan.

Naturally, you can add more lean meats to your daily diet, but this isn't the only thing. Foods such as nuts, eggs, cottage cheese, fish, peanut butter and many others, all contain more protein.

You can also buy protein powders in any nutrition store as a way to increase your intake levels.

So, don't forget this important tip when it comes to your diet. You'll be pleased with the results. Also, be sure any diet and weight loss plan includes protein in their food recommendations.