Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days

by : Jennifer Olsson

Losing 30 pounds of weight is really simple. If you want that scale to stop spinning sooner this is the diet for you. I recommend that you don't measure your waist because this is a weight loss diet and not a fat loss diet. If you want to lose all of that extra water and muscle that you obviously do not need, here is the perfect diet.

And better yet, it takes no exercising, not even three minutes a day.

All you have to do to lose this weight is to make some changes to your diet. If you compose every day's meals right you'll supercharge your metabolism and lose weight like never before.

This is the calorie-shifting diet.

You see, you have to get a fair amount of calories every single day or else your body will think that you are starving and it will adjust its metabolism accordingly meaning that instead of burning 2,500 calories a day it will start to use only 1,000 calorie per day. The importance of calories is that there are different kinds and you could use that to lose weight. We get our calories from three different sources: Fat, Carbohydrates and Protein.

Your body's metabolism is based upon what you ate the last couple of days and not on what you are going to eat, hence you could fool your metabolism by giving it another type of calorie and have it burn fat like crazy. Easy enough?

The above stated is not completely true. Sorry. The reason it is not that easy is because your body will use up all of your stored glycogen and start to metabolize your muscles. The weight loss you achieve comes mostly from water and muscle loss.

That is way exercising is so important when losing weight. Exercise and a well composed diet, that is the way to lose fat and keep the muscle.