Gemma Ward - How Does She Stay so Thin?

by : John Howard

Supermodel Gemma Ward was only sixteen when she entered into the world of modeling. As the model of the moment, her doll-like face, shiny cat eyes and alien like features got her noticed by fashion lovers everywhere. Although the industry didn't notice her until Viven's model agency took her on board and introduced her to a more prominent fashion level.

As a teenager, her stunning wide-set sober gaze, green eyes, and ivory skin made her face hard to forget. She doesn't have the usual "Australian Village Girl" look that other Aussie supermodels posses.

She was lucky to be born with a fresh face and a sort of bee stung appearance. Gemma Ward's weight has not yet been revealed anywhere! Critics believe the fashion industry is keeping it under wraps to discourage others from trying to be as thin as their models. For a height of five feet eight inches she is too thin.

She was brought into the limelight through an Australian Television show. Fashion statistics reveals that she was the youngest female model on the magazine cover. She has already worked with top fashion designers such as Dior, Prada, Gucci, Yves, Saint Laurence etc. It's rumored that she had to purposely gain weight to become a Chanel's Plus-size model. I've never heard of this before until now! She has never appeared plus size to me before.

If you wanted to be as stick thin as Gemma Ward, chances are you aren't comfortable with your current weight and appearance. She is definitely beautiful, but dying to be thin won't make you happy.

Ward is now considered as one of the world's most charming women by many fashion insiders. They describe her looks as "pixie"

Gemma ward stepped into the world of fashion from a middle class family has not revealed her beauty secrets or exercise regimen as yet. She belongs to the category of more of a natural beauty.

It is her natural beauty that is being explicated in her photos. Ward has been considered by others as extremely slim, so she needs to maintain a correct figure, which needs time.

Her make up is more often very lightly worn so a sexy look is attained in her photos. Critics comment that doesn't eat much and maintains her figure more through a liquid diet. Her busy life has forced her to put nutrition aside.

Rather than renewing all her modeling contracts she has stepped into the world of films and television programs. She admits that she is not on any exercise regime as she is already too thin, but agrees to the fact that she drinks too much water.

Ultimately, unless these celebrities do not wish to reveal their beauty secrets, steer clear of the skinny skeletal frame. A healthy figure can be developed with the help of a natural diet and regular exercise, which will result in a weight that is more proportionate to your height.