Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Cardio?

by : Christine Erickson

Women have been spending endless amounts of time and money trying to lose weight or wishing they had either to even attempt the venture. Many have turned to "fad dieting" and "magic pills" only to fail in the end. It becomes a bitter cycle that just seems unrealistic because who has the extra hours to dedicate to an exercise program that requires 4 or 5 hours in a gym or the time and money to shop for special foods and "potions".

A mother and physical trainer has gone ahead cracked the weight loss code for other women who want to transform their lives without turning it upside down. The exercise program is designed to be done at home without the loss of time or expense of daycare or a gym facility. The Fit Yummy Mummy Life Style Program is a proven safe system that was designed by a mother (and professional trainer) that not only targets the problem areas of the post baby body but also enhances your overall health and energy so that you can get through your already busy days.

This exercise system is one that anyone can follow because it doesn't ask the impossible, it requires only 90 minutes of exercise per week and that can be as little as 15 minutes six times a week or three sessions of 30 minutes. Holly teaches you how this is the most effective way to get rid of the fat. Doing endless amounts of cardio actually has a negative effect on the body in terms of losing weight; it eats up your lean muscle mass which in turn slows your metabolism to a crawl. One pound of muscle burns between 35-75 calories per day which gives you a permanent metabolism boost where as fat burns absolutely nothing. The other metabolism downfall of your cardio workouts is that as your lungs and heart become stronger and more efficient from your workouts you will continue to burn fewer and fewer calories both during and after your work out.

A doctor from Kentucky said "Despite what women tend to believe, endless cardio sessions do not render the results of a tight and toned body, nor is it found in the surgeons office, the solution instead can be found in time efficient workouts especially those busy moms can do right in their homes." The bottom line is you must build lean muscle mass in order to compensate for the decline in metabolism caused by the bodies defenses against losing weight and Holly teaches you that this can be done easily and quickly in your home. Women should not be afraid to pump a little iron so to speak, just remember that fat takes up 4 times as much space as muscle so what would you rather have hanging from your belly.

This program offers help in making a permanent lifestyle change. Although you will loss the weight with this exercise and nutrition program you will more importantly you have renewed energy, strength and ultimately your health. As women we need to start making ourselves a priority in their own lives, if you aren't healthy and happy it is impossible to be there for your friends and family.