Obesity - Is There A Cure?

by : John Atkinson

Obesity has ravaged the United States of America and the world alike. Over 40% of the population of America has been diagnosed with obesity to the extent that it is now considered and epidemic. What are the causes? Is there anything that can be done for almost half the population of America and others throughout the world?

The causes of obesity seem at first to be as varied as the different drugs designed to try to cure it. This is an alarming fact that is only getting worse! But who is to wonder when on every major street you find some sort of fast food restaurant. Also, in almost every food product on the market one of the top ingredients is either corn syrup or sugar.

"Super size it please" is perhaps one of the most spoken phrases in the English language. It almost seems like you gain a couple of pounds just walking into one of those fast food joints.

The rate at which kids and adults alike consume candies, treats and junk food seems to only compound and complicate the issue.

There are entire societies set up to combat this "Disease." But, how much good are they really doing. Statistics show that the more money and man hours that are dedicated to fighting this epidemic the greater the problem becomes.

Those who are struggling with weight problems do not want to hear the statistics. They want to hear answers. What if you are part of the 40%? Is there anything you can do? Up until now the probability of defeating this disease was very low. But there is new evidence and breakthrough studies that are shedding great light upon the ultimate causes of obesity and being over weight. There is a new weight loss secret being discussed across the Internet even now as you read this article.

According to Dr Suzanne Gudakunst, there is a link between obesity and the colon. The colon can get backed up with years of mucus that becomes almost a tar like substance. Once your colon is coated with this substance your over all health and energy decline because many of the nutrients from the foods you eat never make it through into your body.

But, worse than that, your body can actually become toxic producing many ailments including obesity. There has been speculation that perhaps there is a natural cure for obesity. Because if what we put in our body causes obesity then it stands to reason that maybe there is something that we could put in or keep out of our body to cure obesity.

Obviously a change in your diet and eating habit can and will help you lose a little weight. But, to lose weight and keep it off is a bit harder to accomplish. It seems that the plaque and mucus build up in your body and in your colon play a big part in your ability to metabolize food intake and therefore affecting the bodies ability to lose weight. Because of this, if you get this junk out of your body your body will do naturally what it was designed to do and losing weight will be a by product of these natural processes.

However, this is not all there is to the story. Most people have parasites living in their intestines. These organisms actually feed and then excrete toxins into your body which build up inside of you. Part of the reason your body stores excess fat is to form a barrier fat to insulate these toxins from the being introduced into the blood stream. Therefore as long as these parasites continue to live in you and excrete these toxins your body will continue to store up fat as a natural defense against these dangerous toxins.

This is one reason why some people never seem to be able to lose weight and keep it off no matter how much they exercise and no matter how they control their diet.

So, the idea is that if you can expel these toxins and parasites from your body naturally then your body will be able to do what it is designed to do and even the most obese person will begin to lose weight at an accelerated rate.

Some main stream doctors and diet specialist have tried to deny that this theory is even possible but they can not give any good reason why it could not be possible and the evidence seem to be piling up in favor of this "theory". So, finally after billions of dollars spent and thousands of diet plans, exercise programs and diet pills there might just be a low cost cure to obesity and being overweight.