Walking For Weight Loss-It Does Not Get Any Better

by : Rohit Chopra

Along with diet, exercise plays a very important role in weight loss. And when it comes to exercises, walking is perhaps the best. The benefit of walking is not just in losing weight but it also helps strengthen the heart, improves the lung capacity, tones the muscles, increases strength and stamina and in general exercises the entire body.

However, if you are employing walking for loosing weight, it is important to keep a few things in mind. To lose weight you have to walk fast and far enough to burn calories. If you are just beginning your walking for weight loss program, go slow. Initially, focus more on the distance that you wish to cover rather than the speed at which you will be walking. This will prevent any possibility of a burn out.

Once you have settled into a walking pattern you can then concentrate on the speed of your walk. It is quite possible than on some days you may want to take a leisurely walk while on other days you may be ready to pump up your heart with a high intensity walk. As long as you are regular in your walking schedule you will be able to enjoy weight loss. Experts recommend that you should aim for 30-45 minutes of walking 4-5 days a week to ensure loss in weight. However, it is important to begin slowly and work your way up. Jumping straightaway into the most vigorous kind of walking schedule could be counterproductive.

There are several ways in which you can utilize walking for weight loss. You may consider having a high intensity walking for the program followed by a lower intensity work out. Follow this alternating schedule and you are sure to lose weight. Interval walking is another option that works in a similar fashion. Here, you walk fast for a few minutes followed by a slow walk. After you have increased your physical endurance level you can consider walking up a hill or walking with weights tied to your wrists or ankles.

In order to ensure that you stick to your walking for weight loss program and not lose focus midway, it is important to bear in mind some useful tips.

Firstly, get hold of a good pair of shoes. With ill-fitting shoes you are not going to go too far in your program. Carry water so that you are well hydrated and feel comfortable during your walks. To make your walks interesting you can scout for new trails and explore these. It is always a good idea to have a walking partner to make the task enjoyable. As you chat along you will not even realize how the distance flies past. You can also make walking for loosing weight a channel to socialize with others. Catching up with old friends on a walk is a great way to re-establish a bond.

Walking for weight loss is not only a cheap option available to you but also comes with immense health benefits. So, go along and walk your way to health.