Celebrities Starving All Day

by : John Howard

Fasting has always been an easy way of weight loss. It was religious teachings that introduced the idea of fasting once a week, once a month, and once a year. People wishfully follow fasting with sanctity as a religious matter.

Celebrity fasting diets is a new phase of diet that has been changing all these years. Public is always concerned about celebrity diets, their looks and exercises. Many famous people have easily shed their fat through fasting. When it comes to the fame, fasting changes its role. It does not become that easy as it sounds. Many models survive only on fluids. They mainly fast during the day and later sum up their diet with fluids that are mainly sugar free.

Fasting results in a dramatic weight reduction. Intake of fluids will kill crave for fluids. There are many juices available that gives prolonged vitality during starving. There needs to be an abstinence from the entire favorite food stuffs. Fluids are to be consumed in a large quantity as this leads to the elimination of toxins from the body. Celebrity fasts becomes more famous as it improves mental clarity. A more safe and rapid reduction of weight is maintained without any lack of strength. This also results in a presumptuous confidence due to increased energy level and sensory perception. Prolonged fasting will revitalize the inner organs. It stimulates the body tissues that result in a softer and glowing skin.

Many feel a painful detoxification on the first day of fasting. To some it may even cause headache and dizziness. Fasting becomes a reality only for those who have a slow metabolism. Such individuals has to opt for juice fasting as it has a very powerful healing. By increasing the essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes it thoroughly cleanses the body. The immune system is made powerful with an increase in vitality. Certain celebrities also use laxatives when they are on fasting. Another group of stars and models includes popcorn without salt or butter. Pop corn is low in fat. Salads and vegetables are also being added on alternative days. Without food the metabolic process would no work properly.

Fasting cannot be fully considered as a suitable weight loss method. It leads to a deprivation of nutrients slowing down the metabolic process. Fasting when done at a fortnight is much easier than doing it continuously. It can cause serious health issues including ulcer, decreased heart rate, and even hypoglycemia. The disease that is caused due to such dieting may even lead to a sudden death