Three Easy Ways Moms Can Lose Weight

by : Tony Edwards

I know you usually do not put the words "easy" and "lose weight" together. You are probably thinking that cannot be possible or it is some kind of to good to be true gimmick. But read on, as there are 3 easy lifestyle changes that can help you lose the baby fat or get to the weight goal you desire.

I am sure you have been programmed to believe that you have to spend hour after hour sweating away your life at the gym. Then there is all of the bland and yucky so called food that you have to eat or you cannot eat anything at all, right? Could there be a way to drop a couple of dress sizes without all of the drastic measures? By making some small behavioral changes, you can lose those unwanted inches and pounds. Here are 3 easy lifestyle changes that will give you back the look you have long desired.

1. Stop eating out so much. When you were growing up do you remember what the plates looked like? They were not supersized or overly large. Now look at the plates at your favorite restaurant. They are huge in comparison. No wonder you have gained weight. It is a conspiracy of the restaurant chains. Look at the studies that have been conducted over the years regarding eating out. The studies show that if you eat out - you overeat... You know you want to get your money's worth and how can you control how much you eat when you have such large plates? Remember your mom always told you to clean your plate and, of course, the plates were small then. So that mentality still exists with you when you eat out on the supersized plates.

When you eat out you eat too much, so take a break from eating out for the next six weeks and see how your clothes fit then. You might even save enough money to buy a couple of new smaller outfits (you know the tight sexy jeans).

2. How about eating smaller portions? I know you think you cannot have the types of food you love. Well that is not true. You just have to eat smaller amounts of the foods that can cause weight gain. Do not avoid the foods that you love altogether because then you will cheat and eat large amounts of those foods when you do get the chance. By using smaller plates, you will be able to control the amounts of foods you love to eat. This way you will not be deprived of what you want but you will just eat a smaller amount which will satisfy your desires and cravings. Do not fall back into the mentality your mom taught you "you must clean your plate". You do not have to. I give you permission. Learn to eat slower and take your time so you enjoy your food. You will get full quicker and when you are full "quit eating" no matter how much is left on your plate. Keep in mind as you eat "those skinny, tight jeans" that you are going to fit in.

3. Make better food choices. I said you could enjoy the foods you love in moderation but start to cut out some of the bad foods. The sugary sweets, candies, cookies, sodas, chips and the fatting foods. I am not saying never to eat these foods; I am saying they are okay once in a while. It is amazing how much you can spice a bottle of water up now with the powders you can mix in. Look for the ones with no sugar, no hydrogenated oils and sweetened with Splenda.

When you shop in the grocery store, shop around the outside perimeter of the store first where the healthier foods are. All of the junk foods are in the inside aisles, so do not spend much time there. When you are at work or play, keep healthy snacks in reach and do not go to the vending machines. Make good choices with the meals that are not really important such as snacks or a quick lunch. That way when you do have an important meal that you must go out for, it will not affect you as much. If your life (keep the smaller, tight jeans in mind) will not improve with what you are getting ready to eat (should I eat the Double Cheeseburger or the Chicken Salad) Do not do it! Again sexy jeans or a bigger belt size? Which do you really want and is the bad food worth it? Learn to read the labels of what you eat and cut out all the sugar you can. Comparison shop for each item to see what choice is the best choice. You can have bread, etc. but which one has the most fiber and the lowest amount of sugar? Look at the labels. This will help you make better choices.

These 3 steps can help you keep on track and lose the weight. These are not magical or mystical. They are common sense but usually overlooked steps to weight loss.

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