How to Lose the Winter Weight

by : Matt Robison

Society is putting more an more emphasis on being slim and trim. This is hard to keep up through the winter months when we eat heavier foods and tend to stay inside because of harsh weather. The cold months are the hardest to stick to a diet, but it must be maintained in order to keep the slim figure that many of us desire.

When trying to lose the winter weight, try to keep a diary of what you eat on a normal basis, then critique it. See if you are eating more fast foods and junk foods than fruits and vegetables.

Along with keeping an eye on the food you eat, watch how much activity you have a day. These two must be equal when trying to lose weight.

The body stores what it does not use at the moment it is submitted. This includes what we might consider "good" things, but when there is too much of a good thing, it becomes bad for our bodies.

We get energy from high-carbohydrate foods such as most fast food and junk foods. If we do not move much after we take in all of this energy, we wind up storing the energy as fat in our body.

If there is already too much energy (fat) stored in our bodies, we need to exercise to get rid of it. Exercising is not always going to the gym and working out for hours, (although, that is a very good way to get the exercise in), you can also exercise by taking a walk after eating, or exercising to a workout video for half an hour or even play a sport. Anyway you do it, it must be done to get the energy out of your body that will eventually turn into fat.

Diets do not usually work unless done correctly. This means not eating more than you should, and working out as much as you should in order to get rid of the stored energy in your body.

Do not starve yourself or work yourself to death, but rather, keep food intake and energy output equal and you will work that "winter weight" right off.

Of course, the best way is to never gain the winter weight in the first place. Next time, be sure to include some exercise in your schedule. Even if it's just simple jumping jacks.

During the winter, you might also want to take a fat binder like Proactol so your body doesn't absorb the fat in the first place.