The Basics in How to Lose Love Handles Permanently

by : Corey Namesse

Individuals with the six-pack abs have probably worked hard in getting rid of those love handles. Needless to say, in every workout, a great deal of discipline and determination is needed. Caring for their health and how they look could be their greatest motivating factors. Doing the best exercise is just one of the basics in knowing how to lose love handles. Other considerations must be in place too. As you get this in your mind set, you'll be keeping your shape permanently.

Understand more about your body and your muscles. Knowing which muscles you should target and how is essential. This will tell you what type of exercise you need to work on which muscle.

- The Abdominal Routines. Love handles are located around the waist line. This is because excess fats that your body cannot use are stored here. There are several types of abs workout that you should learn. If you are aiming to build muscles in belly area, try doing either of these exercises: (1) captain's chair; (2) the bicycle maneuver; (3) the exercise ball crunch; (4) vertical leg crunch; and even the (5) traditional abs crunch. The traditional abs crunch was very popular but not anymore. Today's most recommended in how to lose love handles are the first two in the list. Each targets the rectus abdominis and the oblique muscles.

- Cardio-vascular workouts. Although love handles are in the waist section, other types of resistance exercise also help. The stored fats in your belly are the hardest to get rid of. A cardio-vascular exercise is one of that keeps your energy used up, burns calories, and keep those unwanted fats out. Energy is extracted from fats. Cardio-vascular workout includes walking, running, biking, swimming, and calisthenics such as bench dips, squats, pushups, and lunges. So put these items in your how to lose love handles list.

- The Aerobics Routine. This is an exercise that is more about losing weight than building muscles. Just like cardio-vascular exercises, aerobics burn calories and helps in the circulation of your blood. Of course, when calories are used up, fats melt down. Your love handles shrink.

- Watch what you eat. This means that you must never eat too much. Don't wait until you burp. If you do, that means you ate more than enough. Flabby waist lines are usually caused by the fats generated from too much food. Being conscious of your diet also means to watch over what nutrition you are getting from your meals.

With love handles, you will know that it's not just about physical activities. In the last item mentioned above, nutrition and habit forming is part of it too. Since fats come from food, it is therefore important to know what kind of food you should enjoy.

Two other reasons may exist for this. First one is that you want to stay healthy with the right food and the right nutrition. Second is that you don't want all those calorie burning activities go to waste. Now that you got the basic tips in how to lose love handles, work on them religiously and keep those fats away from you forever. Keep doing all the items above and you'll be in good shape all the time.