How to Determine Your Bodys Metabolic Type

by : Jun Yuan Lim

Every part of our body is unique - starting from how we look to our character. Do you know that our metabolic types are also unique? The way your body digests foods, absorbs it, and creates energy from it is unique.

You can determine your body's metabolic type by simply "listening to our body" - by paying very close attention to how our body reacts to the different foods that we eat everyday. In particular, you have to pay very close attention to how our body feels up to 2 hours after we've finished eating.

If you feel sleepy within 30 - 60 minutes after a meal, it means two things - first, it may be that you are eating the wrong type/s of food, and, secondly, it may be that you've overeaten!

For the first reason - which is that you may be eating the wrong type/s of foods, the reason why we feel sleepy within 30 - 60 minutes after a meal could be because we just ate too much foods with refined carbohydrates (foods such as breads, pastries, pasta, cakes, soft drinks). However, you can also have the same effect if you were to eat foods that are either protein-rich, or fatty foods.

Different people have different metabolic types - therefore, when one person can lose weight by eating a protein diet, it doesn't mean that the same applies to you as well - you might, in fact, gain weight by following his dietary plan!

Therefore, you should figure out your own metabolic type and from there, choose the foods that will fit your body's metabolic type.