A Beer Belly and Big Man Boobs

by : Andrew Kasch

When you were younger did it seem like nothing could stop you at all? You were lean, fit and had the world in your hand. I can remember whenever I was a teenager that I could run for miles and not get tired at all. I enjoyed playing all kinds of high school sports and even continued to stay physically fit for many years after high school. The real problem started, however, whenever I got married, had children and got an office job. I soon found myself overweight and sporting a big beer belly and man boobs.

Looking back on my life, I really never expected to be in this particular situation. I saw a lot of my friend's fathers who also were sporting a lot of additional fat around the middle and I promised myself that I would never be in that situation. It's not all that difficult, provided you have a little bit of personal determination, to stay physically fit throughout your life. You just need to have a routine and stick to it and not be afraid to sweat a little bit. I'm not quite sure where I went wrong because somewhere along the way I lost my ability to be physically fit.

One day I woke up and looked down at myself and I couldn't stand the way I looked. My man boobs were so large that they rivaled the size of my wife's breasts. My stomach stuck up in the air so far and was just as rockhard as could be. I knew that I had to do something about this because if I didn't, I would certainly be a candidate for a stroke or heart attack within the next few years. Already I was starting to see some of the symptoms, such as a rise in my blood pressure and aches and pains throughout my body. It was time to make a change.

That very day I went and joined a gym. I decided that I was not going to try and go all out and get everything done overnight. I would, rather, make this a long-term project that might take me a year or more to get where I want to be but that I would be able to maintain for the rest of my life. I started on a program of light weight lifting in order to build some muscle that would help to burn the fat off of my body. I then started doing some cardiovascular work to boost my metabolism even further.

It took almost a year to the day for the fat to be gone off of my body. My stomach is now gone although my abs are not as ripped as they were whenever I was 18. The best part is that I have my manly chest back and my man boobs are a thing of the past. I'll never allow myself to get that out of shape again because I enjoy being in shape for too much.