The Great Weight Loss Mistake That is Destroying Your Life

by : Sheryl Polomka

There is one big mistake that most people will make when it comes to losing weight. The biggest misconception that people have is that dieting can help you to lose weight.

When most people go on the latest fad diet they will make a huge effort to eat very little food and when you reduce your intake of food then your body goes into starvation mode. While in this mode your body will not burn fat but will instead store fat.

This happens because when you suddenly reduce the amount of food that you eat your body doesn't know why and it thinks there must be a famine. Your body's natural response to this is to conserve energy in the form of fat to survive this famine. Because your body is storing the fat then you are actually gaining more fat instead of losing fat.

For your body to have energy it will usually burn fat but because it is storing the fat it will then burn muscle instead. As a result you will lose your muscle strength and you may even start suffering from loss of energy and fatigue.

To lose weight you need focus and you need the desire to take action. You don't want to starve yourself but instead you want to make a lifestyle change and change your diet to a good, healthy and nutritional diet, combined with a good exercise program.

Although a lifestyle change like this can be hard it is well worth it in the long term and once you get into your new routine it will get easier as time goes by. Using a product such as which is an appetite suppressant and it can help you to stick to a healthy diet and make it easier to get into your new and healthy lifestyle.

Remember that your only big enemy is your negative mindset. Unless you change your mindset into a positive one, you cannot expect to lose weight. Get the negative thoughts out of your way and see how simple it is to lose weight!