Weight Loss Method - No Carbs after 5pm

by : Jerry Leung

We need carbohydrates in order to have energy to make our body to function probably. In fact, food with carbohydrates can make us feel full. However, they are also considered one of the things that can make us become overweight. It is because carbohydrates will be converted and stored as fat in our body.

As a result, there are diets which focus on cutting down the consumption of carbs. These diets are usually called low-carbs diets. They can be the most effective diet plans if you can take it in the correct way. And one of such low-carbs diets requires that you do not take any carb after 5p.m.

The basic idea behind the dieting plan is that you can lose weight easily if you do not take any carbohydrates after 5 p.m. This is because the intake of calories will significantly decrease when you cut the intake of carbohydrates after 5 p.m. And you will eat more proteins. As a matter of fact, it will make you feel full and at the same time healthier. This is really a simple dieting plan. Most people can understand the idea behind it and how it works without difficulties.

The dieting plan will be last for 28 days. The dieter can choose what they eat for the three meals everyday. However, if the dieter wants to have snacks, he / she can only take vegetables and fruits. And it is mandatory for the dieter to drink one pint of skimmed milk everyday. Exercising is also a must. The exercises are designed to speed up the effect of weight loss. Usually the exercises will be long walks and some exercises for the abdominal muscles. What is good about this eating plan is that the dieter will have plenty of options regarding the food he / she can eat. The dieter will certainly find it a lot easier to stick to the eating plan.

As a matter of fact, some dieting plans are consider more difficult for people to stick to them. The Atkins diet is any example. However, this is not the case of this dieting plan. This is especially true when the dieter can take foods which are rich in carbs and proteins for breakfast and lunch. It will be alright as long as he / she does not take any carbs after 5 p.m. However, one problem of such diet is that the weight loss speed can be quite slow. It will not suit people who want to lose weight in a fast way.