4 More Weight Loss Secrets Revealed!

by : Gary Kidd

In this article I am going to reveal secrets to you regarding low carb diets, fitness programs and much more. Unfortunately, there is a lot of rubbish information out there in the weight industry and surprisingly many people fall for the hype from some of these so called experts. I know, it is not just the weight loss industry, but here I reveal why you should not believe everything you are told.

Let's look at low carb diets to start with. Originally, low carb diets came about because it was thought that carbohydrates were the cause of people gaining weight. Research has now of course proved different but it seems many people still fall for the rubbish companies tell them about low carb diets.

Depriving your body of essential carbohydrates may result in you losing a few pounds when you first start, but it could cause severe damage to your body. Your energy comes from carbohydrates and you must have energy to carry out your normal day activities. Low carb diets in effect end up eating away at your muscles and over time lead you to gain weight. Not only that, you will begin to feel extremely tired most of the time and if you do exercise you will not be burning fat, only muscles.

Ok, on to fitness programs that concentrate on certain parts of your body. This is otherwise known as spot reduction. These are fitness programs targeting a certain part of your body to reduce it in size or help you lose weight in that area.

Here is a fact you must know now! It is impossible to reduce fat in any particular part of your body. If you have too much weight on your stomach or thighs, then the ONLY way to shed fat from those areas is to exercise the WHOLE body and not just those parts.

There is no spot reduction training or fitness program that will help you lose weight. All you will do is lose critical muscles in those areas you train on.

Many people believe that it is impossible to eat more meals a day when trying to lose weight. It is simply not true. The fact is, if you eat more smaller meals each day rather than one or two big ones, your metabolism will function better and you will burn more calories naturally. All it needs is a little planning and remember to stick to it.

The hardest thing for most people is what I call total confusion when it comes the "trying to lose weight". With so much information available today it is no wonder people suffer from information overload. What you read here may be completely opposite of what some scrupulous manufacturer will tell you regarding their product of program. What happens then?

Well, you get to the stage where you simply don't know who to believe and you end up trying all the different diet pills, weight loss plans, low carb diets, or working out too much in the gym and end up putting on weight. Then eventually you will give up and think there is no solution to your problem.

Yes, this may happen but ultimately you need to be the person who decides what is right for you, even if it isn't! Just remember to learn the fundamentals of weight loss and bare in mind the dangers of fad diets and fancy machines or gadgets.

It is your attitude toward losing weight that will eventually get you to the size you truly desire.