Fat Loss for Idiots Review

by : Robert Kamau

It's possible to lose 6-8lbs in the next 10 days with some of the best ways to burn fat. Not all dieting plans are effective. Infact a vast majority of the diets like; Alli diet plan, jenny Craig, Perricone's, Dottie's program, Kevin Trudeau diet, Hoodia pills, Ketogenic and others, may not work well for you if you understand the number one secret to weight loss, food and metabolism rate.

The single most important factor that you will need to understand is how your metabolism rate works and why eating less carbs, low carbs and fewer meals do not seem to lead to loss of weight. Inorder to this, you need to get only those fat burning plans that explain to you in detail the relationships between food, the quantity, and why you have not lost weight in the last few weeks of diet programs.

One of the qualities of a good dieting plan is its ability to explain why taking in less food does not lead to loss of weight. People are now sticking to low calorie diets and foods in a bid to starve the body of calories. What most weight watchers don't know is that their bodies are made to detect such a reduction in calories and adjust accordingly.

Your body's metabolism rate is the process top break down the food calories into energy. Depending on the amount and d types of food you eat, your metabolism rate increases or reduces to burn just the enough calories your body needs per day. So when you switch off the calories intake, all the metabolism does is reduce its rate to adjust to the calories you are presently taking.

An Example is if you take in 3000 calories per day, then the metabolism rate adapts to burning exactly 3000 calories per day. If you get on a harsh diet or reduce the amount of calorie intake by half to 1500 cal, the metabolism rate fast adjusts to burn exactly the same amount you are presently taking. The net effect, you fail to lose weight while even your friends that take 3000 cals a day don't gain any weight.