Fat Loss 4 Idiots Reviews

by : Robert Kamau

Are you on low carb, low fat diet and still not losing weight? You must have tried several of the recommended diet programs for weight loss without success. The reason is that these plans failed to tell you about how your metabolism works and how you can confuse the system to start burning body fat like a furnace on red markings of a pressure gauge.

Low carb diets make you miserable, low fat diets don't deliver results and less calorie food only triggers your metabolic rate to adjust accordingly and fail to burn the extra fat in your body.

There are some effective dieting plans that will get you off on a good start since they have understood the whole concept. These fat burning diet plans do not use the low fat, low carb, low everything theories; they simply introduce you to the calorie shifting method of weight loss.

Your body's metabolism is such that it burns calories based on past knowledge of your eating habits. It predicts how much calories you will eat today based on the amount you have eaten in the past week for example. It does not have a way to know just how many calories you will eat tomorrow or the day after that. This is the principle of calorie shifting diet plan. The plan is developed such that your calorie intake amounts are staggered in a random manner that eventually confuses your metabolism rate.

Since the rate cannot predict what you will eat tomorrow, the plan is such that the metabolism will burn the amount based on yesterday's higher intake and once today's intake is fully burnt, it will start to burn out the nearest body fat until the hormones that start the process are spent. Continue this process day after day and the net effect is you will burn more body fat gradually than you would with low carb-low fat diets.

The fat burning programs that use this method also have online diet generator to tell you just how much of everything you need to take on each day to be successful. You will not be required to buy special types of food, but you will lose weight with slight adjustments of the exact same foods that you have been taking. And that's affordable and less of a hassle.