Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review-review of Best Fat Loss Program Online

by : Robert Kamau

Most Weight management programs have failed to deliver results even after people keep on them for years. Diets which are based on low carbs and low fat intake do not work. People have continued to be fat and obese despite using these methods for over 20 years now.

These diets and plans have failed to harness the most important body process called the metabolism rate. A diet that does not work to influence a faster and sustained metabolism rate will never succeed, ever.

Metabolism is such a developed process and cannot be cheated easily. It will adapt itself to whatever amounts of calories that are being taken at the time and not burn an extra ounce of fat whatsoever. The trick is in learning how to trigger its intensity and sustained burning of fats.

Some of the most advanced and helpful diet plans utilize the principle of calorie shifting as opposed to calorie reduction. Since metabolism can only predict your daily calorie intake based on the past food menu, the shifting calorie regime confuses the process by randomly shifting your calorie levels in food. This leaves the process confused and prolonged long enough to burn the available food calories and turn onto the body fat. This random shift of calorie intake is unpredictable and ensures that the metabolism rate gradually burns some fat after the meal calories proper.

Low fat diets don't work at all contrary to what most people believe. The fact is that the body needs certain fats to be able to function properly. When you go on a fat free diet, you are directly hurting some of your body functions. Secondly, believe that stopping to take in fats will eventually reduce your weight is misplaced, since your metabolism will just sit s tight.

Low carb diets cause the body to lack necessary energy to perform it various functions. The person will eventually become very miserable due to lack of these carbohydrates. This is the number one cause of people to abandon their weight loss diet programs. The harshness of such programs will eventually kill your 'positive thinking' attitude and you slowly glide back to your routine diet. Likewise reduction in carbs only triggers the metabolic rate to decrease and not a pinch of fat is burnt either.