The Hidden Truth on Losing Weight Exposed

by : Peggy Edwards

People tend to imagine that quick, healthy weight loss solutions are magical regimens that will bring results without any need for time and effort on their part, which is a sure fire way of getting disappointed and frustrated. Remember that inexpensive and quick, healthy weight loss diets need a lot of effort and willpower on your part and you shouldn't be lazy about it. In fact, it was laziness and lack of effort that actually gave you this problem in the first place.

It is also worth nothing that the word "quick" does not necessarily mean "instant". You didn't gain all of those pounds in one day so don't expect that you will lose all of it that fast either. There are some strategies that can make you shed a lot of fat in mere days, but these can be extremely risky and rapid weight loss can be fatal.

Quick healthy weight loss is not about starving yourself to lose weight. The human body has a natural defense against starvation, which kicks in and forces your metabolism to work slower and store more reserve fat instead of energy. If you starve your body, all you are doing is making yourself more susceptible to weight gain since every bit of food you eat will now be converted into fat and the body will run on a reduced state, which makes it use up less energy and fat. In the worst-case scenario, starvation can affect your neurological system and promote long-term brain damage.

The first step in losing weight in a safe, fast, and efficient manner is to remind yourself of why you want to lose weight. Make sure that you are doing it because it is good for your body instead of doing it to look good in front of other people. Losing weight for the purpose of being beautiful can be negative as it might lead to the development of low self-esteem and unreachable goals. People who had such poor self-image as to consider rapid weight loss would not be content with the results, however thin they get. On the other hand, a person who does it for health benefits will immediately feel results and will be pleased with developments that are felt instead of seen.

Be consistent. As mentioned before, in order for a diet regimen to work as fast as it should, an individual should not deviate from the plan. Being inconsistent with your diet and activities will greatly lessen the effect of any exercise or weight loss regimen, and may even confuse your body's metabolism.

Always be active both in mind and body. Don't settle for quick fixes. If you're not pressed for time, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Ride a bike instead of driving or commuting (this also helps the environment, not to mention your wallet with gas prices as they are). If you are only going to go to a place that is very near, it is better to simply walk. Sometimes, simply going outside and spending more active time with your loved ones will do wonders for your physical, mental, and emotional health.