Resetting Your Body And Remaining Set Has Never Been Easier!

by : Jackie Khor

Most weight loss programs do work at least in the short term. Otherwise they would not exist in the market for long. However, many of the weight loss programs can be quite dangerous to your health for they aim for rapid weight loss. Some consumers want to see quick results. By taking extreme measures, you will lose weight at a rapid rate for a couple of weeks. But then most people fail to lose weight on longer term for the following reasons:

1.The diet is usually so extreme that most people can only stay with the programs for a few weeks and then go back to their normal eating habits which puts the weight right back on.

2.The diet bears no resemblance to what you should eat after you lose weight.

3.The diet leaves you tired, hungry and cranky.

4.The food is unsatisfying and weird compared with what you normally eat.

5.The diet is hard to follow and even more so when you eat out, or socialize with friends.

6.The diet takes too much time to think about what to eat and prepare each day. It can be very inconvenient for busy working people.

So, do you consider those weight loss plans successful? I think not so. I consider a successful weight loss program is when it renders permanent, life long health and weight management changes.

In most cases, you are overweight because you have been eating too much, eating the wrong foods and you do not exercise enough. What is required is a change in lifestyle and a shift to better eating habits so that you keep the fat and high glycemic foods off long term. Many people diet for a while, shake off a few kilos, but slip up when they return to their 'normal' eating habits and not exercise enough. Ultimately, only you hold the key to weight loss and you have to ensure that it stays off long term.

Adopting a life long health and weight management program to lose weight permanently is to re-program your thinking to focusing on losing a kilo at a time rather than focusing on the total amount of weight you desire to lose. This will help you get motivated to keep going further along until you achieve your ultimate goal. An important point is not think losing weight as a chore but rather have fun doing it. Keep the program simple, effective and safe.

Poor diet and lack of physical activity has dramatically decreased our sensitivity to our own insulin. Decrease in insulin sensitivity has literally "tipped" us over into an abnormal metabolic state that not only leads to an unusual metabolic state that not only leads to an unusual weight gain around our belly, but also significantly increases your risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.

The real problem is when you are in this abnormal metabolic state you just can't lose weight, no matter what you try. You hold on to fat like a sponge holds on to water. This is one of the main reasons why diets fail most of the time.

Thus, the answer to the problem is establishing a triad of new, healthier lifestyles that can improve your sensitivity to your own insulin. When you combine a healthy diet that does not spike your blood sugar, develop a modest, consistent exercise regime, and take high quality, complete and balanced nutritional supplements, you can significantly improve your sensitivity to your own insulin. You never have to go hungry, you will feel great, you will have more energy, and you will begin to lose weight effectively. This offers you the best chance of getting back into a normal metabolic state which will allow you to establish a healthy weight for you and also significantly decrease your risk of developing both heart disease and diabetes

I believe a program that combines three distinct parts: healthy diet, a modest exercise program and high quality, complete and balanced nutritional supplements is the winning formula to a healthy lifestyle.

The good part is you don't need to follow strictly the program. It is flexible and you decide what suits you best to vary from the program. For example, you may decide to add more variety of low glycemic foods in your daily diet instead of strictly taking shakes and bars. You only move to the next phase of the program when you are ready for it. This program will not leave you hungry, craving for carbohydrates or eating unsatisfying foods. After a while, your body is reset, you would not be craving for sweets and high glycemic foods. You will feel more energetic and less lethargic.