The Top 5 Myths About Getting Ripped Abs

by : Scott Russell

Getting ripped abs can seem like an impossible goal. Many people try and try to burn off that abdominal fat, but they just can't seem to get rid of it. The reason? To a large degree, people fail because they are misinformed.

Unless you can separate fact from fiction and learn which techniques and exercises are truly effective, you'll never get six pack abs. Therefore, I have compiled the following list to expose the top five fat burning myths.

Myth #1: You can get six pack abs from doing crunches

The truth is, you can do two hundred crunches a day and still not get ripped abs. While crunches and other abs exercises will define your abdominal muscles, these muscles won't be visible until you also burn off the fat covering them. It takes a combination of abdominal workouts, proper diet, and the right type of aerobic exercises to get six pack abs.

Myth #2: You have to do many different exercises to target ab muscles

In reality, as few as two to three exercises can hit all the areas of your abdominal muscles. You really don't need to follow exotic routines or use expensive equipment in order to get great results. Research has shown that some of the simplest exercises are actually the most effective at targeting the abdominal muscles. Of course proper form is essential to maximize your results and avoid injury.

Myth #3: You have to run/jog/walk a long time to burn fat

Actually, exercising at the same speed for a long time is not the most effective way to burn fat. In fact, you can do aerobic exercises for less than 25 minutes just 3 days a week and maximize fat burning. It's simply a matter of how you exercise, not for how long or even how often.

Myth #4: To get ripped abs, you need to cut your fat intake

In fact, it is possible to actually increase your fat intake and still burn fat. Eating some fat actually tends help you feel full, so cutting fat and sticking to a high carbohydrate diet can actually lead to increased hunger and higher caloric intake.

Myth #5: You have to eat six small meals a day to get ripped

The truth is that, if anything, eating regular meals is not a good way to speed up your metabolism. In fact, by skipping meals now and then or even occasionally fasting for 24 hours, you can actually speed up your metabolism and increase fat loss.