All You Need To Know About Hoodia Gordonii

by : Joan Masterson

Many people begin dieting when they discover a new weight loss product or fad hoping that it will finally be the answer to their weight problem. Most people that lived fast paced lifestyles find that they pick up weight fast after eating irregularly and also eating a lot of fast foods while they are on the go. Trying out every new fad diet that comes along leads to an unhealthy pattern of Yo-Yo dieting as it is commonly called. This is where you lose weight while dieting; only to put on weight afterwards, perhaps more than before you started the diet. Hoodia Gordonii can change all of that and has been known to provide amazing results. It does not focus on dieting but rather on suppressing your appetite.

What is Hoodia Gordonii?

Hoodia Gordonii comes from the Kalahari Desert in South Africa and is a cactus-like plant; or in reality a member of the succulent cactus family. It has been growing there for thousands of years and after researching the San Bushmen's dietary habits it was discovered that they used it extensively. Hoodia was used by the San Bushmen and their ancestors as a natural appetite suppressant. Not only did it suppress the appetite, it acted as a thirst quencher as well. On extended trips away from their villages while hunting the San Bushmen used Hoodia with no known side effects other than suppressed hunger pangs and cravings.

How Does Hoodia Gordonii work for weight loss?

After research by the CSIR in South Africa and by a company called Phytopharm which bought the patent for Hoodia Gordonii, it was discovered that a certain molecule in the cactus acted as the appetite suppressant. This was named P57 which is not really a scientific name but the number of the project Phytopharm were working on at the time. When you eat, the food is converted to glucose and as soon as the levels of glucose are sufficient in your body, signals are sent to your brain (the hypothalamus) letting it know that you are full. It is believed that the "P57" molecule in Hoodia Gordonii has the same effect. As a result you don't have the desire to eat any more food.

Will Hoodia Help People Lose Weight?

In the United Kingdom studies were done on test groups who were given Hoodia. Some were only given a placebo (harmless sugar). None were told which was which and there was an unlimited supply of food available. Those subjects that took the placebo had no results but those taking Hoodia lost weight.

Is Hoodia Safe to use?

Hoodia Gordonii it is completely natural and experts say it is safe to eat. After extensive research there are still no known side effects. However because it can trick diabetics into thinking their sugar levels are sufficient a doctors needs to be so consulted before following a weight loss course of this type.