Garbage In - Garbage Stuck - Garbage Out: A Case for Detoxing

by : Deborah Hoeve

There's a lot of talk these days about detoxing and cleansing. In this 3-part series, we'll look at the many reasons to detox. Today, I'll focus on getting the garbage out.

When you eat food, ideally it will digest in the stomach and intestines. The nutrients will be absorbed through the walls of the intestines and carried on by the blood system. The leftovers are than passed out of the body through the bowels.

However, many things can happen to keep that ideal situation from occurring as planned.

First, digestion rarely occurs to its maximum capability because we tend to eat too fast and do not adequately chew our food. Digestion actually begins in the mouth. Digestive enzymes are secreted as you chew.

Your stomach is not meant to digest whole pieces of food. You should chew your food until it is in liquid form.

So when solid food enters the stomach insufficiently chewed, the stomach does what it can, but whole pieces of food invariably get passed into the intestines. Sometimes they will get stuck in the walls of the intestines, harden and remain there.

You can see as this happens over time, there is less surface area for the nutrients to pass through to the blood stream. If nutrients are blocked, obviously they pass out of the body underutilized.

In addition, the hardened fecal matter can become rancid or toxic. When this happens, these toxins can absorb into the blood stream initiating the process of disease.

When we ingest non-food or man-made food, like soda and processed foods, the body truly thinks it is foreign matter and does it's best to carry it out of the body as soon as possible. Indigestion, acid-reflux, nausea are all symptoms of the digestive process signally that it isn't pleased with what you've put in your body.

If the body can't rid itself of what it thinks is foreign matter, one of the defense mechanisms it uses is wrapping the toxic matter in fat cells and storing it in the body. If it remains in the intestines, it will wrap it in mucous. All this to protect you from yourself.

So as you can see, you potentially have 10 - 20 pounds of hardened fecal matter along the sides of your intestines, mucous and fat storing toxins adding weight to your body. By detoxing, you will rid your body of this garbage and be that much lighter without even dieting.

Removing this unwanted waste not only removes unwanted pounds, but it clears the way for the body to function as intended and restore health. By detoxing, you may find symptoms of disease you were experiencing have suddenly disappeared. This is a great sign that detoxing was a great thing to do for you!