Little Known Tips for Effective Oblique Exercises

by : Tony Leong

Do you find yourself not getting results with your oblique exercises? I know how you feel. You look at the posters flashing fitness models that has razor oblique and wishing one day that you will have that. Then, you train really hard, everyday but at the end, you get no results. You get frustrated, you blame your genetics and you are about to give up. If you are really feeling the way I have described, do not give up yet. Not until you have read my article.

My name is Tony Leong and I also have made mistakes in training my oblique. But through consistent learning from info sites and fitness newsletters, I have found out that what I have been doing all these years is wrong. No wonder I am not getting the results that I have wanted. This mistake that I have done in my oblique training is quite common. You will see people doing this oblique exercise everyday in the gym but very few people realize that it would not produce any results. That is doing lateral movement. That is my biggest mistake in trying to get razor sharp oblique.

A typical lateral movement oblique exercise is by standing up straight, holding a pair of dumbbells and tilting to left and to the right. That exercise actually works the lower back. Yeah, you feel it working because you are just compressing the sides of your stomach together. You are not actually exercising the oblique muscles. I am going to share with you 3 little known tips for effective oblique exercise. Lets dive into it.

Tip Number 1 For Effective Oblique Exercises

Do rotational movements at the torso. Rotational movements is the function of the oblique muscles and by overloading the movement, you will be able to train those muscle much more effectively. The best floor exercise that uses rotational movements is the bicycle crunch. There are many abs exercises that involve rotation the torso. You can also do standing cable rotation. These movements tie in perfectly to the function of the oblique muscles. So from now on, no more lateral movements, just stick with rotational movements for your oblique exercise.

Tip Number 2 For Effective Oblique Exercises

Now, this tip is about doing rotational torso movements with cables. Most of us do this exercise while standing up. If you want to really torture your oblique muscles, do it sitting down on a fitball or by doing the exercise with a lunge position. By sitting down, you take away the strength and stability from the legs and every effort in executing the exercise will from the oblique and core.

Replace the cable with an elastic band. The elastic band is more effective that the cables because of the recoil. It really focuses of the entire oblique muscle and gives you a different feel. You will be crying in agony after you have completed 3 sets of 20 reps of elastic band oblique twist.

Tip Number 3 For Effective Oblique Exercises

If you really want razor sharp oblique muscles, you cannot get it by just doing hundreds of rotational torso exercises. You need to get the body fat down and just concentrate on about 10 sets of oblique exercises. To really get that V look, you have to focus on cardiovascular training as well. You have to get the body fat down. Make 14 percent body fat as your initial target and focus on getting in your cardiovascular training and weight training. Do 2 time of weight training a week and at least of intense 3 to 5 sessions of cardio training per week.

Start taking action today and revise your weight loss program. Weed out all the lateral movement exercise for oblique and replace them with bicycle crunches. Use elastic band instead of cable for your oblique twist and do it sitting down or in a lunge position. A lunge position is where you have a leg in the front and the other leg far at the back with the back knee almost touching the ground. Then, get in your cardio, at least 3 to 5 times a week. You can get more information on weight loss by joining weight loss newsletter like where you can skip the learning curve and lose weight faster.