Ways To Lose Weight--Is There One Best Method?

by : Richard Wooldridge

A friend of mine asked me a few days ago if I knew of any really good diet plans. She made a comment that gave me a good laugh. She said everybody and his dog is looking to lose a little weight! Unfortunately, that is true. I even see a lot of dogs that are too fat! But, I was only concerned with people and what might be a good plan for people to lose weight.

So I starting doing a little research on the Internet for ways to lose weight and preferably lose weight fast. Lord!! Are there ever a lot of diets out there!! And I'm sure they all offer help losing weight. But Whew!! There are so many that it really does get a little confusing. Should I count carbs? Should I count calories? And what is this glycemic index?? I didn't even know I had "glycemia" in me!! Whatever that is?

I found sites where you have to buy everything you eat from the diet plan providers. I found something that had to do with the Mediterranean. Are there no fat people living in the Mediterranean? I wondered. Maybe I needed to just move there and eat whatever they eat. It is one possible solution. But I like my home and don't really want to give it up.

Then I found something called the personality-based diet. It may work very well, and probably does, but I quickly moved on. And, of course, I came across all the old mainstays like Weight Watchers. I know people who have done very well on this program, but I hesitated. The people that I know who lost weight there didn't keep it off, unfortunately.

I even found a list of rules for skinny people. Do skinny people have their own little secret society that those of us overweight are not allowed to be a part of? I wondered where they get together to make up these rules?

At the end of my searching, I had found a plan that seemed to make good sense to me. The bottom line is that you have to burn roughly 3,500 calories to lose one pound. Now this is 3,500 calories that are "stored up" in your body--not the 3,500 calories that you just ate that day!

So common sense tells me that I have to do something that "calls upon" those extra calories that are stored up. I mean I can't keep eating the same amount of food my body is using. I can't keep just "breaking even" every day where burning calories is concerned .