3 Advanced Techniques to Lose Tummy Fat

by : Abi Shaan

If you have been working hard trying to lose tummy fat as quickly as possible, then I suggest you definitely read this article because you are going to learn one or two new things that will help you lose tummy fat faster than you could imagine.

Many of you have been trying to lose tummy fat the wrong way. The most obvious ones I have noticed are;

1. Starving yourself just so to make sure you lose weight quickly

2. Doing hours and hours of cardio hoping to burn more and more calories

3. Performing 100 to 500 crunches a day just with a hope to tighten those abs.

I have to tell you that all these attempts to lose tummy fat are totally useless. They are no more than big fat myths that has been keeping innocent people like you from learning the real secret to losing fat fast the proper and effective way.

Well, if you did know all this stuff before, who would spend so much money trying to purchase all those ab machines and weight loss gimmicks which I personally hate by the way.

There is no big secret to losing tummy fat other than the fact that you need to follow proper principles which will make fat loss simple and possible in the short and long term.

Without going in to much details, I am going to jump in to the facts straight away.

Technique #1

Eat more frequently. The more you keep the food away from your body, the more the body tries to survive with the existing energy thus slowing down the fat burning process.

If you eat more frequently with the right combination of food, there is no doubt you will definitely speed up the fat burning process and gradually lose tummy fat real quick.

The proper combination of meals refers to lean protein and high nutrition fibers in every meal.

Technique #2

Interval Training is by far the most effective way to boost metabolism and burn fat. It not only boosts your metabolism during the workout, you will also burn fat even while you are asleep!

Recent research also proves the fact that interval training has proven to burn more fat from the belly area due to intense core work and lower body mobility.

Technique #3

If you want to lose tummy fat and see the best abs you could possibly imagine, then you need to strengthen those abs from the inside. There is an abdominal wall that needs to be strengthened to stop the loose jelly effect that happens in your body even though you are not overweight.

Exercises like Stability ball crunches, Leg thrusts, Bench Crunches, Hanging Knee Raises will effectively strengthen the abdominal muscles behind that thick skin.

All you need to do is follow all three techniques together and you will have a great looking body in weeks. Not only will you lose tummy fat really quickly, but you will also achieve the great looking abs with the least effort ever.