Explore Weight Loss Facts And Learning From The Mistakes

by : Ranae Whitmore

You must have tried it all, the diet programs that promise to melt away the fat, the magic pills that guarantee to tone your waistline, exercise plans that ensure delivering the perfect abs, only to find them to be false promises and weight loss scams!

Have you ever thought about the real reason why you are over-weight?

Ask yourself, "When was the last time you heard a friend say that they were able to lose the weight and keep it off using a popular fad diet or some weight-loss drug?" Do you remember some of those, the grapefruit diet, the cabbage soup diet, and the starvation diet???

Let's explore the real truth why we are heavy. Let's dig into the world of weight loss and open our eyes to what we have tried, why we have failed, how to learn from our mistakes and how to stay focused and healthy.


Drugs have been around for centuries, but they were mainly used for remedies. In the modern world, they are a big booming business. Billions are made every year on weight loss drugs and supplements but obesity is spreading at an alarming rate worldwide.

So, while there are many, many drugs out there that promise to eradicate obesity and weight related issues, why is this deadly epidemic spreading like an uncontrollable wild fire?

The truth is right before our eyes. If we only looked closer it would have emerged sooner. Most manufacturers don't care about your well-being; instead, their eyes are on your money! As their bank accounts grow fatter, so does your waistline.

Temptation is the main weapon in their arsenal. We read the flashing ads, watch and listen to the media, and you are off to the drug store to purchase that magic pill that promises to melt away your fat! We are sometimes so desperate to lose weight; we wouldn't even hesitate to try poison! Even when Ephedra was found to be detrimental to a person's health and removed from store shelves, there were those still trying to find a source so they could continue taking it.

Always take your time and validate those skinny testimonials that are cleverly designed to manipulate you. Be real and think straight. Validate the authenticity of a product, get on the Internet and the world will be at your fingertips!

Always make sure you research and re-research before you purchase. Remember an ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure; it is your life that is at stake!


We like to shine like those slim celebrities and our wants get the better of us. While no one can ever blame you for your desires, at what cost are we going to achieve our dream shape?

We hear and read the devastating effects of starvation diets, yet we fail to learn. Why are we not receptive? Why don't we think?

There are so many diets out there from A-Z. But a staggering ninety percent of them fail
They fail so badly that we despise them and take an oath not to try to diet again in our lifetime. But, as a new day dawns we make the same mistakes again. We become addicted and starve our self in the hope it will shed those pounds away. Once we get off our diet, the weight comes right back, many times with the added bonus of a few more pounds! We feel heavier than ever and feel sick to our stomachs.

The bottom line is diets don't work! Yes, they can help you lose weight in the short term but in the long run, it is your lifestyle and discipline that comes to the rescue.

Keep in touch with the media and strive to increase your knowledge. Research new developments in the health industry and keep your information up to date as it can directly affect the decisions you make regarding your health.


Just because your good friend recommended it, don't try everything! It may suit your friend's lifestyle and her body type but does it suit yours?

Always ask these questions:

Will it suit my lifestyle?
Can I afford it?
Does it truly stand for what it promises?
What are the benefits?
Is it healthy?

Keep asking questions!

Don't rush into anything; take your time and do the necessary calculations. Choose the right diet and stick to it, it will help you lose some extra pounds. Again, please remember that "diets" cannot last for a lifetime; it's only a temporary cure for your hick-up!


We live in a world of pollution and impurities. The fruits and vegetables we consume may no longer provide the vital nutrition our bodies so badly need. Sometimes we may not be getting sufficient nutrition from our food, which can leave our energy levels depleted. It is always advisable to take natural vitamin and mineral supplements to make you feel at your best. But don't take it just because a diet guru recommends it or because everyone is taking it! Most so-called diet gurus and fitness experts are either only interested in selling something to you, or just plain don't know what they're really talking about. A few questions you may consider is whether or not they are receiving a commission on the sale, whether they are taking the product themselves, and don't forget to do your research on the product, the company and the nutritional values.

Normally herbal supplements are considered a good source of nourishment, but don't be fooled by the brand name herbal. The name herbal no longer stands for what it says. Marketers use this name to cleverly disguise their products for increased sales. Always read the label, study a bit about the nutritional content and then decide whether it's good for you or not. Pass your knowledge on to your children so they know what is good and what is bad from the tender age.


Do you question whether a particular diet or supplement is beneficial and yet they seem irresistibly inviting? If you think it can be unhealthy or do your body harm, then turn your back at it! Some diets, pills or supplements can work unnaturally against your body and your desired feeling of well-being may fade.

Always know that the purpose of trying a diet or food plan is to make you feel better and healthier. Don't stray away from your goals for a minute or you may find yourself in an unwelcome position.


It is imperative to stay connected with the world out there if you are to make the best, brightest and correct choice for your health. Be an anxious learner. It is you who has to make the right decision about your health. Stay tuned-in to the facts and in time you will learn how to stay on top of the game and melt away the fat forever!