Take Your Advantage of These Exposed Diet Myths

by : Sharon James

When it comes to diets, there are many myths that have been conjured up by a variety of people who have either dead-set against the concepts of various diets and have never tried them or by people who have done the diets wrong and as a result a myth is born.

It is important to remember that when it comes to any diet, one has to be completely devoted to completing the diet as well as willing to exercise since diet alone cannot help you to loose weight.

Of the many myths associated with diets though, one of the most common ones is that everyone is told that preservatives are bad for you and can revert the work accomplished through a diet plan. Unfortunately this is just a myth as preservatives have the ability to keep one healthier. If preservatives were so bad for you, then people who heat various foods containing them would get sick and die.

Furthermore, in many countries where certain preservatives are used more than in other countries, the people are healthier and slimmer.

Many people also assume that coffee is capable of curing a hang over. Unfortunately this is not possible as coffee contains caffeine. Caffeine is a dehydrator, if you drink anything with caffeine on a hot day, it may taste good, but you will still be thirsty since it causes you to become more dehydrated. By remembering that alcohol and water do not mix, a person who has a hangover from drinking too much alcoholic substances is already dehydrated and drinking something like coffee will just dehydrate you more.

Many people are guilty of eating way too fast. Everyone is in a hurry and therefore chewing is nothing more than a waste of time. Unfortunately this is not ok to do since the less that you chew your food, the more work your stomach will have to do and in some cases this can also lead to weight gain.

Beans do cause gas, this is not a myth but it is a reality. The high fiber content of various beans lead to an increased production of methane gas in our bodies which in turn comes out in little and sometimes big squeaks

While carrots are capable of making your eyes healthier, they are not capable of improving your eyesight. In the event that your eye sight has diminished, no amount of carrots will return it. Eating of carrots can help prevent the diminishing of eyesight though for the simple fact that they do make your eyes healthier.

Swallowing gum is not all as bad as some people make it out to believe. No the gum does not stay there forever and in most cases, the chewing gum is digested and turned into gas. So if you are an avid gum chewer and you have been told that swallowing the gum is bad, you now know that the only thing truly bad about it is the fact that it can cause gas.

Tart cherries do have the potential of relieving joint pain like arthritis and this is not a myth as it has been proven scientifically. Furthermore, the chewing of parsley which is a leafy vegetable with a high content of chlorophyll has been know to take away your bad breath.