Home Is Where The Heart Is

by : Amita Sinha

Every one lives in a house but every house is not a home. A house is a shelter made of bricks, wood or any other material. When this shelter makes your heart alive with happiness and smiles, you are home. There are big palatial buildings as well as small flats in which all types of individuals reside in. The question that arises is whether they can really call it their home. Each and every house can be turned into a real home with not much effort. Follow these steps and see the difference.

1. Approach to your house

The approach to your abode is very important. It should have easy access and not be an eye sore. The space leading to your front door should have a welcoming look and not be drab. Always keep your front door shining. It should have a doorbell or a knocker, an eyehole and your nameplate. I personally like to have a picture of God on top of my front door. This gives my house an auspicious look and cheers me up to think that God is looking after my home sweet home.

2. Clutter VS Glitter

It is up to you whether you want your own eyes or that of others to see the glitter or clutter of your home. It is a full time job mind you to keep your house clutter free and keep things glittering. You don’t need to become a workaholic clutter-removing maniac but you can at least try to keep your house in order. A glittering surrounding is always preferable to a cluttered one and for this you need to shoo all the dust mites away and keep things in place.

3. Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness

A Clean surrounding is a beautiful sight for the tired mind. I would suggest good old dusting to worrying over how many times you have done the spring-cleaning. Each day get busy with the duster for as much time as you can allot to this but on weekends assign one room to overhauling. This will not tire you and your house will always look neat and tidy.

4. Storage Space

I believe in the saying –A place for everything and everything in its place. It is difficult to follow I agree but practice makes perfect. Even when you are pressed for time at least try to put the lid back on the cream bottle, the dress back on its hanger etc. Give this habit as a gift to your children who will pass it on to their kids and each upcoming home in generations to come will be a special place which will breathe with space. I have trained my children when they were toddlers and now they are married and tell me how they cannot bear things not kept in the right place. When you have this habit of placing things back to where they belong, you will automatically have a neat and tidy home.

5. Be A Giver

Believe in charity and start to day, if you haven’t done it before. Any thing in your home big or small that no one wants should be given away in charity. Believe me, a sweater, a bag or any other thing, which is useless for you, may be a boon to someone else. So what the heck, start throwing and see how many catch them. You can go and donate to an institution or give it to the poor who come knocking at your door.

6. Junk Sale

It is a good idea to organize a junk sale in your neighbourhood. Get your neighbors, friends and acquaintances moving and see what fun you have. A piece of decorative item, a statue, a dress or a necklace, it can be anything. You will be amazed when your across the road neighbour gushes over the beauty of some ornament which you found an eye sore. Well no harm done, you got your dough while Mrs. so and so went away happily clutching your old ornamental wall clock.

7. Greenery And Flowers

Even if you are living in a flat and do not have any space you can keep potted plants in your balcony and try to arrange fresh flowers in attractive vases in your rooms. Believe me they will help cheer everyone up. Flowers have their own way of spreading love, happiness and cheer. If you are one of those lucky few who can boast of a garden big or small, do keep it neat and tidy if nothing else. Overgrown bushes and weeds will make you ashamed in front of guests. If possible keep a kitchen garden and enjoy the fresh veggies and fruits of your own choice.

8. Musical Atmosphere

Music makes your heart sing but you cannot always have your music system on. So place wind chimes at strategic places so that they welcome, entertain, energize as well as put a smile on your face.

9. Handy Bits And Pieces

Make sure you have a pen and writing pad next to your phone, a set of glasses and a water jug on your dining table so that whoever comes to your place feels easy and relaxed without running about looking for small things.

10. Medicine Cabinet

This is a must in your home. Make sure this cabinet houses all things required for first aid with lots of Band Aid strips especially if you have kids.

11. Gods Place

Keep all your religious books and idols at a special place where you can go and contemplate in peace and happiness. This is a must for every home because everyone needs God and his love and a place to pray comfortably.

12. Special Boxes For Special Things

This is a good idea if you don’t want to confuse yourself by looking for trinkets, jewellery pieces, coins etc. while running late. Try to keep the things you need daily in special containers preferably labeled if they look the same, so that you know where they are and can be taken out in a jiffy. Lastly keep your house keys, car keys etc. in a special place where they can be seen and found easily

So when you keep in mind these small details, you will be living in a healthy happy environment where every room, kitchen, bathroom etc. have a welcoming look and your home becomes the envy of your friends and neighbors