The Secrets to Losing Weight (part3)

by : Kevin Raison

What scares you the most about lifting heavy weights?

Becoming too big?

Looking too manly?

Fear that you may actually enjoy it?

Whatever the reason, for us men none of the above have ever really been a problem. For women on the other hand, the above (a least the first two) are very common and are feared within every gym around the world.

So why am I trying to tempt you to train with heavy weights?

Especially as it's a fact that women can and actually do put on muscle easier than men when it comes to the legs department (a little known fact actually). Now I'm not saying that you'll end up with legs like Tom Platz (seriously, google that name) but when you do start out, you will have more growth in that region.

This is where part 1 and part 2 come in. As mentioned before it's all about balance. This is exactly where heavy lifting comes in due to shorter times under tension.

Let me explain;

For instance, lets take a squat for 15 reps ata tempo of 2020. This means that it takes 2 seconds to squat down and 2 seconds to get back up. The 0's are where you pause at the bottom and the top of the movement.

Anyway, in total 1 rep = 4 seconds...right?

So 15 reps x 4 = 60 seconds, now your trainer may have you doing the more common 4020 (4 seconds to lower, 2 seconds to rise) equalling to 90 seconds.

So your 'time under tension' could amount from 60 seconds to 90 seconds for every set.

Multiply that by 4 sets and you could have between 4 minutes to 6 minutes under tension. That's quite a bit of time under tension!

If however, we apply heavier weights, we have no choice but to lower the repetitions and therefore endure less time under tension.


If we doubled our weight that we were using for our 15 reps squat and decided to drop the rep down to 5 reps, here's how it would look....

Squat for 5 repetitions ata tempo of 2020 (4 seconds =1 repetition) x (5 squat repetitions) = 20 seconds for 1 set in total.

As you can see, this has already dropped our time under tension by over half. At the same time increasing our EPOC levels (part 2) as well as working our deep dense muscle fibres.

This is exactly what heavy training does; in fact in the days of old when Arnie ruled the universe (Mr. Universe that is) they would make it their priority to train heavy before their competition. This heavy training would add density to the muscle rather than them just being big and soft.

It also meant that when they were cutting down on the carbohydrates, they were able to continue training due to the short intensity of the exercises (ie, 20 seconds sets).

What's even better is this muscle that you build through heavy lifting does seem to have a denser feel and hangs around a lot longer. I guarantee, if you try heavy training you WILL get some fantastic results.

But, if you try an exercise programme like the one I've wrote in part 4.

You'll be amazed!!!!