The Replacement Diet Surpasses All Others for Losing Weight Fast

by : Robert Kokoska

So you have decided that this year will be the year you lose all of that extra weight. But, you are totally confused as to how to approached the proper eating plan in order to maximize your success and maintain a plan that works with your normal every day life. The key to weight loss is eating less calories each and every day. Though the progress may be slow at first, the lasting effects of diet change have been shown to work better and keep the weight off for a longer period of time.

The trouble with most diet plans is change. Many popular diet plan requires huge changes in the way you eat every day. This not only causes confusion, but is a tiring process of constant calorie counting and telling yourself that you can not have this food or that food. Eventually, burned out by the work involved, the diet plan is dropped and the weight loss stops and reverses itself to weight gain.

The key to significant weigh loss, fast, is the replacement diet. The replacement diet takes the food you currently eat and replaces some of those foods with others that are very comparable. This enables the dieter to keep losing weight without the struggles of an entirely new life. Some of the key replacements include:

* Bread - Instead of eating traditional bread that has 70 to 75 calories per slice, try a low carb tortilla or wrap. These often have as little as 50 calories. That is a change of 100 calories per sandwich and the fiber content of these wraps helps the stomach to feel fuller longer.

* Sugar Soda - The average soda with sugar contains 150 calories per can. For a bottle the numbers are far higher than that. Changing to a calorie free soda can add up to a change in calories of more than 1050 calories per week at one can per day.

* Green Vegetables - Not all vegetables are created the same. Carrots and green beans tend to have larger amounts of calories from natural sugars than other green vegetables. Switching out these vegetables for other green vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower can create a calorie loss that truly adds up.

* Leave the Yolk in the Shell - The yolk of an egg is by far the most caloric part of the egg. The whites, however, contain only 15 calories each. Take two whites and a low carb wrap and your breakfast only contains 75 calories. Now that is what weight loss is all about.

There are many places in a diet that can be modified to lessen the daily caloric intake. Approaching a diet from the aspect that you can still have all the food you want, just in a different way makes for the best overall change in the world. The more manageable a diet, the more apt a dieter is to stay on the plan. And, overall, the best way to lose weight and keep the weight off is to stick with the plan over the longest period of time possible.