How to Get Rid of Belly Fat Permanently

by : D Fraser

How come most diets never provide long term results? We can lose some weight at the beginning but a month or two down the road we're sitting at the same weight or more then we were before? How can you stop the cycle, and reach a healthy weight and stick to it? The answer is not in quick fixes but rooted in long term change. How's that you ask? You need to make some lifestyle changes first before you can enjoy long term fat loss success.

The real solution is avoiding that yo-yo effect that so many people fall into and start making some serious changes in how much and how often you eat, your exercise routine, and planning. What happens to most of us is we follow a diet for a month or two but return to our hold habits after that, what happens? We end up back at the same weight we were before we dieted. To avoid this from happening you must make a commitment to change your meal plan, avoid snacking, and get out and get active at least once a day. This will not only have you losing weight, but it will have you keeping it off forever.

You Must use more Calories then you Bring in

The only secret that exists in the weight loss industry is that you must eat fewer calories each day then your body is naturally going to burn. So why not just stop eating all together then? Well a couple of reasons, besides the unhealthy part, one is you won't lose as much as you think because your body goes into starvation mode and holds onto the calories it has. When it does need energy it will burn not only fat but also lean muscle. The second reason not to starve yourself is because you'll almost certainly eat enough to gain all the weight back when you do eat.

Another danger in not eating is that if you reduce the number of calories you consume each day by to much your body will compensate by holding onto those calories you consume longer, almost as a survival mode. When you body does begin to use those calories it doesn't just burn the fat but it takes with it lean muscle, this is the number one issue with most fad and crash diets. The second spin off of this is that after following a crash diet for any length of time you're usually pretty hungry and ready to eat a horse. You'll tend to gorge for a day or two reversing a lot of the results you'd worked hard to get.

Don't lose to much to fast

To ensure you're only burning fat and not muscle I suggest you take it slow and steady. A healthy amount of weight loss is 1-2 pounds every 7 days. You can reach this goal quite easily by reducing the calorie intake you currently each each day, by eating more frequently but in smaller amounts through out the day and also by reducing your carb and red meat intake, and instead replace it with vegetables and lean meats.