New York Yankee Memorabilia - a Collectors Dream Come True

by : Robert Riles

A team that started way back in the 1800s has today grown to a point where people are collecting the New York Yankee memorabilia. Infact back then they were called Baltimore Orioles, and where playing under this name from 1901 onwards till a decade later. For those who are fond of collecting New York Yankee memorabilia, they would lunge after the baseball signed by all the players after their 1999 win in the World Series. And for others who are not so into the sport, having a T-shirt or jersey with a players name would suffice. This would keep them happy and proud to be a New York Yankee memorabilia owner. There are some fans who have not missed a single match played by their favorite teams and have been collecting the tickets of each game and preserving the same.

Just like any hobby, this too is a time pass activity except that one gets a little too involved at times. There are children who collect the baseball cards, and some get addicted to them to a point where they would resort to anything to get a card they don't have but which a friend or a classmate has. Sometimes stealing or bullying also happens with these children, in which case collectible becomes a bad influence. It is therefore advised that parents of children who are into baseball be a little alert and advice them on what kind of things to collect and how to go about it. Just like in a museum we see a lot of items on display which was there in the decades before we came into being, baseball is also a sport that has been around longer than some of us. So for a person who is a hard core baseball fan, he can look around the net or in small markets to find hidden buried treasures which would add value to his collection.

The New York Yankee memorabilia also has autographed bats from the playoff season and many other articles used by the players during their championships. And for a baseball fan there is no rest till he has them all in his home. Some men even go to extents of spending all their savings just so they can own that one Jersey worn by the lead Pitcher or striker. It does sound nice, but not at the cost of jeopardizing your family and life. One should understand that having a New York Yankee memorabilia will indeed add value to their life as they live and breathe baseball but there are bigger things that they should concentrate on. The cover of a magazine that came right after the team won the Championship or the towels they used in the locker room, and some other articles that the team used would all be at a person's house as part of his treasure chest making the visitor wonder how passionate one can get about a sport. Guess the answer to that lies with the collector only.