Is Spot Reduction A Myth Or Is It Really Possible?

by : Mike Singh

When it comes to the topic of weight loss there are many different theories most of which are only myth and have no truth to them whatsoever. The most recent one that one hears these days is that cortisol can actually dissolve fat accumulated around the waist but unfortunately this is not true.

The main reason why fat forms is when we consume more calories than what we burn. The excess get stored in our bodies in the form of fatty deposits known as Adipose Tissue. In women these fatty deposits tend to get concentrated around the hips, thighs and abdomen whereas in men it gets stored around the waist and abdomen.

When people take part in activities that require additional energy to be produced apart from the glucose that is available in the body, it turns to these fatty deposits which break down to generate the energy required to maintain internal temperature and muscular movement.

Though studies have revealed that Cortisol can aid in releasing these fat deposits there is currently no known technology that can predict which part of the body it will take the fat from. The only known way of removing fat from specific areas is by having Liposuction.

For people who prefer to lose weight the natural way, abdominal exercises can greatly help reduce fat from the waist. Since these exercises involve high intensity movement of the abdominal muscles it ensures that the body requires more energy which it takes by breaking down the fat deposits. This is what results in fat burn and weight loss.

The only minor drawback of abdominal exercises is that it works the abdominal muscles overall without targeting the fat in a specific location such as the waist only.

One excellent advantage of these exercises is that they help strengthen the back and abdominal muscles considerably. This is because during these exercises the stomach muscles are worked harder than orders. Toning and tightening these muscles help to hold in the internal organs especially the stomach properly.

High intensity abdominal exercises lead to temporary fluid loss which results in both weight loss and a slimmer look. This helps in maintaining optimal health and achieving fat reduction.

The key to reducing fat deposits around the waist, thighs or abdomen doesn't lie in any 'Miracle Cures' but rather in old fashioned exercise, provided one has the will power and puts in a genuine effort.

A healthy balanced diet and adequate daily exercise will go a long way in helping you not only lose weight and feel healthy but also in reducing those unattractive fat deposits in the middle.