A Brief Look At The History And Science Of Swimming

by : Gregg Hall

Swimming has been around as long as people have been on earth and where ever there is water people are going to be swimming. It was first done in Egypt and then just started getting more and more popular and we have the sport as we have it today. Many people didn't think that swimming started until the 1900s well at least competitive swimming anyways.

The water and liquids in your body are not denser the water because then you wouldn't be able to float and swim. This is what allows you to swim is all your insides being lighter then the water which allows your body to get to the surface if your liquids were denser then water then you wouldn't float you would sink and that wouldn't be swimming.

When you are swimming your body should be straight with the water other words known as parallel to the water. You are going to want to try and stay afloat and try to move your arms and start swimming if you are a big guy with a lot of muscle it is going to be harder for you then for someone that is skinny and with only a little bit of muscle because they are going to be like a fish small but still able to force themselves through the water.

Your hips act like your rudder or speed because the more hip muscles you have the faster you are going to go because of simple propulsion. You are going to be moving through the water fast if you swim correctly. With your arms moving and going forwards with your hips moving you are going to be moving at a good pace.

You should be able to swim fast if you are a swimmer and if you cannot them you are not a good swimmer. Swimmers that compete are swimmers who have been swimming their entire lives and are the ones who actually know how to swim with ease and good. You are going to want to use as less oxygen and force as possible so you can have speed breaks and go for sprints when you are swimming. If you give it all you got at the start then you are not going to be able to finish very well. The trick is to be able to keep up with all the other swimmers then at the last stretch you just cut loose and sprint with your swimming to the end.

The slicker your skin is with the water the faster and easier you will move through the water that is why you always see swimmers with those funny hats on because it makes their hair flat so that they can fly through the water at good speeds. If you are a swimmer and you love to compete then you need to get some of this kind of gear so that you can go faster while swimming.