How to Wash Down Your Boat

by : James Fletcher

Boats and salt water do not mix very well at all. Salt water causes corrosion that will very quickly eat into your wonderful boat. Below are 5 tips to prevent your beautiful boat turning into a rusted wreck.

1) Always wash your boat down immediately or as soon as possible after you have been in the water. Also be sure to use fresh water (not bore or underground water as this will cause staining).

2) Try using a soap attachment to your hose pipe when cleaning. This helps in slowing down corrosion by neutralizing the acid of the salt water.

3) Be sure to clean your trailer as well as your boat. Specifically target the rear of the trailer where it is fully submersed in the water. Also be sure to water down the rear of your car. Even if your car has not touched the water, if it is parked near the ocean for any period of time it will gradually get a salt build up occurring.

4) If ever waxing, start at an inconspicuous part of the boat. Wax can and often will eat into the paintwork and make a great deal of mess, so test your wax first on a small area to make sure this won't happen to you.

5) Remember to wash the inside of the boat as well. All gear should be washed down. Sensitive electronic gear and the like should be covered to avoid water penetrating into electronic components. Consider wiping these components down with a slightly wet rag.

Remember, salt water gets everywhere so take your time and be sure to properly clean your boat after every use.