Make Halloween a Family Affair

by : rhusain

Halloween party can be the best party of the entire year if the whole family entertains its friends, children and adult. This type of entertainment renews the joy of the family. For such a great big party a perfect preparation is to be done for quite a long time before the party begins. This article will guide you to make a perfect preparation.

Halloween - that night of nights when all the spooks are on the loose and the witch rides high. That night our youngsters insist is the proper time for a party a wonderful party when the whole family entertains its friends, children and adults alike. The children avow our family Halloween parties are the best parties of the entire year. And the carefree gaiety of these parties has an equally strong appeal to the adults.

No richer opportunity for effective decoration is given by any season. Autumn leaves, cornstalks, and lighted pumpkin jack-o-lanterns are traditional and easily prepared. Free-hand cutting of witches, cats, bats, fairies, spiders, owls, cauldrons, broomsticks and peaked hats of black and orange construction paper may be pinned about on curtains and walls. And how the whole family loves to help with the cutting.

Candles, dishes of alcohol and salt and blue Christmas lights make a ghostly illumination. Be sure that all candles are safeguarded to prevent fire hazards. To convert your lampshades into festive Halloween lights cut strips of orange paper long and wide enough to go around the shade and pin the ends together. Gather the top edge and hold in place with a one-inch band of black crepe paper. Place a black cat or witch here and there on the shade. When the light is on the shades look much more elaborate than they really are. If your walls are papered you can pin black cut-outs to the wallpaper with common pins. At night the pins do not show and the pin mark is too small to mar the paper. On painted walls stick the cut-outs on with Scotch tape. Witches, bats and cats are very effective when they are Scotch-taped on mirrors and windows.

Black and orange crepe-paper chains are very decorative across doorways or from the corners of the room to the chandelier in the center. Perhaps you remember, from kindergarten days, how to make them. It's easy to do. Take two strips of crepe paper, one black and one orange, of equal length and equal width two inches is a good width. Fasten the strips together at right angles to each other. Then fold the orange strip over the black, then the black over the orange. Continue until the entire lengths are folded. You will now have a pile of folded squares. Stick or pin the ends of the two strips together. Then pull out the folded papers. You will have a very attractive black and orange chain.
A colorfully decorated home, even though inexpensively done, adds much to the party atmosphere. But the real secret of a successful family party is to have games people of all ages can enter into.

When the big night comes its fun to have a ghost junior-size open the door as the guests arrive and solemnly point to white footprints on the floor. The man-sized (paper) footprints lead to the room where the dads and grand-dads can leave their wraps. The smaller ones lead to the parking place for the women's and children's wraps.

In each of these rooms have large paper sacks to be worn over the head, one for each guest. Before the night of the party cut in each sack holes for eyes, and with black crayon draw on other features, handle-bar mustaches, etc. Also mark on each sack a number to come just below the chin. When wraps are removed, each guest immediately puts on one of the sacks and is given a stiff card and pencil. The object of this mixer is to have each guest list by name and number as many of the paper heads as he can. Of course each person, while trying to discover the identity of others, endeavors to keep himself a mysterious stranger. The one who first completes a correct list of the names of all the guests is dubbed "Chief Paper Head" for the evening.

When all adults of the family come together with the kids, there is always a great joy and fun. No matter how scary and frightening night it may be.