Diamond Illustrated Jewelry

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Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without. The Chinese philosopher, Confucius explains an explicit expression of a diamond. Beauty, purity, durability and undying value, all elucidate the magnificent. Diamond studded jewelry express sentiments. Thus, diamond ornaments are considered hearty presents for special occasions.

When comprehending the origin of diamond, India reminds us about the valuable. Around three thousand years ago, when discovered, diamonds were believed to have magical powers. Talismans made of rough diamond were used to keep evil away and a defending force in battles. Also, they were believed to have medicinal powers in healing, curing illnesses. So that the mine workers did not smuggle diamonds, they were deemed as poisonous when consumed.

After the discovery of some famous species like the Kohinoor and the Blue Hope in India, appetite for the mystic beauty grew throughout the world. The Orange River beds, then Australia and then Lake Argyle are now contributing in supplying diamonds to the world. However, India continues to be famous in diamond polishing along with huge deposits of the rhombic crystalline.

The crystalline is the imperishable, known for its hardness, non abrasive, transparency and light dispersion attributes. A form of carbon, diamonds can bear high pressure and temperature. Since diamonds are a token of richness, many fear the consequences that may follow wearing the jewel.

Diamond cutters influence the value of diamonds with their talents. However, nature has its impact in its own way. Nature controls features such as the carat weight, color and clarity, which are consistent factors that make the stone look so beautiful.

One factor that unlocks the magnificence of the rough diamond or the crude mystical and that is the way the stone is cut. Usually the stone is chiseled with 58 facets. Some common shapes that diamonds resemble would be pear, heart, round brilliance, emerald, marquise, oval, square, circles and baguette and princess cuts.

Diamonds with maximum clarity rate the highest and with maximum impurities or inclusions are priced the lowest. Flawless diamonds with the best cut could be highly expensive. If a diamond is cut well but has impurities, the inclusions would block dispersion of light. Similarly, if a flawless diamond is not well chiseled, it will resemble an unappealing glass rock. Juvenal, a Roman satire poet says that many individuals have, like uncut diamonds, shining qualities beneath a rough exterior.

Diamonds are available in varied color fancies, white crystal clear being the common and in demand. Yellow, pink, brown, blue, champagne and green are other colors that assort the variety of diamonds available. The chemical content in the stones determine the various shades of the valuable. As the intensity of the color increases, so does the value.

For all the diamond fanatics, it will be interesting to know legends about some significant diamonds such as the Star of Africa, the Excelsior, the Great Mogul, the Kohinoor and the Blue Hope Diamond, the Centenary and the Regent.

It is believed that the Kohinoor brought misfortune to the male possessors who owned it or wore it but brought good luck to the female holder. After it was passed on to many rajas and sultans of India ultimately went in the hands of the British empresses. Now the diamond studded crown or the Crown of Jewels stays in the Tower of London. The Star of Africa also known as Cullinan I is studded on the Crown of Jewels.

Other than these famous diamonds evacuated, every diamond speaks its own individuality. Every diamond differs from one another. Diamonds are significantly valued for their extreme clarity. The name of this precious jewel itself signifies its unique personality. The named is derived from a Greek word adamas that means the unconquerable. The unbeatable radiance, brilliance, is noteworthy for evoking romantic fervor, undying love, admiring beauty, and display opulence.

Diamonds are though, cut in various shapes, and chiseled into various optical facets. But these diamonds are further studded in gold, white gold and platinum to make them wearable. There are various patterns that make the ornaments look so regal and striking. Floral, serpent, charms, swirls, nebula, starthread and many more are designed by artistic, skillful designers into bracelets, medallions, cufflinks, tags and pendants.

Diamond ornaments are also found associated with other gemstones like rubies, emeralds, topaz, sapphires and pearls. The designs are also made customized. Diamond ornaments are useful far and wide for gifting during various occasions. Thematic patterns are a common trend. For a romantic occasion, hearts, solitaires, and letters are generally gifted. Tags and large diamonds are commonly gifted to men. Cufflinks and watches are also studded with these gemstones worn by the elite class.

Weddings, birthdays, valentine day, anniversaries, inaugurations, and corporate occasions are the best time to gift these valuables.