A Closer Look At The Attraction of Dooney and Burke Handbags

by : teahupoo

Dooney and Burke Handbags have been popular for almost 31 years. The label is well known for beautiful craftsmanship and the fine materials that they use. The design of their bags is functional and the patterns that they use are eye catching. They have upheld this tradition during the entire course of their history, which is what makes them attractive to everyone who sees them.

Their bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small tote to large sacs. Each bag is made from fabric of the highest quality and sports the Dooney and Burk initials in a wide array of colors, such as turquoise blue, kiwi green and hot pink. The bags mainly have a symmetrical shape and offer different features. They might have a drawstring or hardware type of closure or a zipper with a tassel to pull it closed and some of the bags feature pockets. The patterns on the bag may be in contrasting or complimentary colors and the designs present a balance between simplicity and classic style.

Dooney and Burke also carry quilt handbags for which they are well known for. These bags offer a beautiful contrasting pattern and are soft, yet elegant. One of the trademarks of the Dooney and Burke Handbag is the tassel. This is a part of the 2005 signature anniversary collection and the tassel is located near the top of the bag. This collection commemorates 30 years of producing gorgeous bags, so naturally the features reflect their success. The hardware is made of gold finished nickel and comes with an engraved label that reads, "Dooney&Burke 1975".The bags are trimmed with All Weather Leather that is made of 100% cowhide. The leather will naturally darken from exposure to light or over the course of time. Some the bags are trimmed with Vacchetta and all of them offer a large pattern of the Dooney and Burke Logo. Both the outer fabric and the lining are made with pure cotton and are beautiful to behold.

One of the features that Dooney and Burke are known for is their distinctive pattern designs. The latest collection of Dooney and Burke handbags, feature designs such as hearts, doodles, and stars. They also feature an eye catching tattoo design and a pattern that features large bubbles. Another collection, known as the Alto, offers single toned fabrics. It is hand crafted in Italian tradition and the collection comes in timeless shapes styles that highlight the richness of the leather they are made from.

Dooney and Burke also offer other fabulous styles of handbags to choose from, including a tapestry collection, and a dark blue bag made of denim fabric with tassels and leather trim, as well as many others. Any of the Dooney and Burke handbag collections will make a wonderful attraction to your accessory wardrobe.