Some Tips On How To Find Unique One Of A Kind Handbags

by : teahupoo

It is great to be able to express yourself through the way you look. There are many times you can tell what a person is like by the way they dress or the accessories they use. One way to be different from everyone else is to have a unique handbag. A handbag can say "hey look at me"; it can express a level of class and sophistication nothing else can. But first you have to find the bag that tells your story. So buckle up, the search is on.

The first place you can look is in your local stores. Often these stores are shopped by everyone else in your area, so finding something truly unique may be difficult. Especially if it is a large chain store there are probably many of the same styles to be found there. Sometimes you might get lucky and find an odd discontinued bag that everyone else doesn't already have.

The next place is the second hand stores. Some people don't like the idea of buying someone else old stuff but this is exactly the kind of place that will have a large assortment of different items. And if you are looking for something that is actually vintage and just not a knock off, a second hand store can be perfect. Also if vintage is what you are searching for maybe a look in grandma's attic can be a treasure trove.

After a look in the local areas with no success, a trip around cyber space might do the trick. Looking through designer websites can give an idea of what is out there and the prices. Often on these designer sites the prices are very high for the couture handbag. But you can get an idea of what you are really looking for and determine the price range you are willing to pay.

If the expense is too much for a brand new original handbag, you can go to a web auction site to search. After looking through the designer sites and finding what you want a trip through the auction sites might produce the same bag for much less. Let someone else pay the high price for the brand new one, a good bag doesn't go out of fashion for a long time. And if you really like it, then you won't care what the fashion industry says about what's in and what's out.

Then there is the last place you want to look, in your own closet. Sometimes we buy things to use later on or we are given gifts we aren't thrilled with at the time and throw them in the closet and forget about them. You can get lucky here too. Some handbag Aunt Lucy gave you for Christmas a couple years ago might have seemed like an unlikely candidate for use, but now a second look could be in order. All it could need is a couple accessories to make it stylish and acceptable.