Everyone Loves Coach Handbags, Heres How To Find Them

by : teahupoo

What woman doesn't love buying a new handbag? Each woman is different, since each needs different types of features. The modern woman needs a compartment for her cell phone, while the older generation may just want a compartment for change. Whichever type of purse a woman prefers, getting a named brand one at a discounted price is simply heaven. There are outlets that cater to these types of handbag shoppers and even those with a fat wallet will still go there to get a good bargain.

Coach Handbag outlets are a place to go to get the most sought after handbags. Celebrities want them, the elite want them, and even teenage girls want them. This is because Coach is one of the most recognized names in the fashion world.

The founder was inspired to make the handbags from looking at the material of the baseball glove. He figured that the material would be perfect for a versatile, yet stylish product. Since its conception, this handbag as been made in a variety of designs, colors, and materials that have caught the eyes and hearts of women all over the world.

Coach Outlets were first opened over 50 years ago and were family owned workshops. Since then, the outlets have risen from a few shops and 6 workmen, to 300 stores in the US alone. The outlets use multi-channel distribution methods and plan to open more stores internationally in the coming years. You can also find Coach merchandise in finer department stores and boutiques.

Currently, the headquarters are situated in NY and is a publicly traded company (stock exchange symbol COH). They also have offices in Japan, and nineteen other countries.

Coach Handbag Outlets now feature women's accessories (wallets, cosmetic cases, shoes, bracelets, scarves, belts, hats, sunglasses, key rings, charms, and watches), and travel items (luggage, totes, briefcases, and planners).

Not only does the company offer women's collections, they also cater to men and babies as well. But just for fun, lets talk about the handbags available from Coach.

Signature Stripe Style

The Reversible Travel Tote features an interior pocket, tag for luggage, leather trim, and jacquard fabric. It comes in brass and khaki colors, and either deep red or deep blue hues. This tote sells for $400.

Soho Style

The Metallic Hobo features a cell phone pocket, dusted suede with leather trim, and more. This hobo comes in brass and gold hues, and retails for $500.

Hampton Weekend Style
The Scarf Print Demi features an exterior pocket, zip top fastener, signature scarf fabric with suede and leather trim. This demi goes for $200.

There are far more gorgeous handbags available online or in the outlet. So stop by, or point and click, you'll find something you like!