Want To Live A Day Without A Cell Phone?

by : nkthen

Have you ever imagined a day without a cell phone? Terrible isn't it? It seems like you are a hermit on an island: Total alienation from the communications world.

When you think of a cell phone you may start to think of how much of connivance they are for everyone. This would be true for the most part but there are some people out there that may think that it is more of a nascence than connivance to them. If you think about it the cell phone could be a life saver at times as well as a way for you to keep in touch with the people that care about that are out and about on the highways and airways all the time.

There are many people that have to travel all the time and they carry a cell phone so that they are able to keep in touch with their family all the time. That is one way that could help them still feel like they are part of the family when they are away all the time. For the ones that travel all the time and they are in an area that is going to receive some bad weather they will be able to let their family members know where they are and that they are alright. You know when you are out in another state your family members are going to be keeping an eye on the TV so they can keep track of the weather in the area that you are going to be in.

Another good thing about some of the cell phones that are out there now days is that you are able to take some pictures and share them with your friends and family members. This is a great feature of the cell phones that will help you be able to send and receive some pictures that interest you and that will also get the interest of you spouse. If could be a picture of yourself or of an interesting area that you are in at the time. You are even going to be able to receive a couple of pictures of your family members that you miss when you are out on the road all the time. This is going to be especially helpful when you may have some small children that could be taking their first step or even crawling for the first time.

In conclusion, cell phones are something that will stay with us for a long time. Make full use of it and have fun!