Tv On Cellphone

by : infoserv

Satellite television on your cell phone? That's what Samsung says it's working on.

A whole new world looks set to emerge with video-on-the-go services _ and the traditional couch potato may become a thing of the past.

Their cell phone would receive multimedia programming broadcasts direct via satellite or from terrestrial repeaters. It's still in development, but is expected to be compatible with a new satellite broadcasting service that is planned to launch in South Korea and Japan later this year.

It's expected to have around 70 channels of entertainment not including pay-per-view. The service will be broadcast on frequencies around 2.6GHz, close to the 2.1GHz band used by 3G telephone services. However a clear signal is still required so Mobile Broadcasting has been building a network of repeaters across Japan to provide fill-in service.

Satellite DMB enables people on the move to enjoy seamless video streaming, theater-quality audio and data through a hand-held device much like a handset or an in-car terminal

DBS satellite services in the United States have a much larger land area to cover. The beams can't be as focused. Multiple spot beams might concentrate the signal however. A second approach would be to use satellite radio services that already exist in the United States (with repeaters). A third approach might be to use FM radio stations equipped with terrestial HD radio. The video payload might travel on the subcarrier of terrestrial FM stations. HD radio does something the U.S. DTV television standard can't -- move. And you don't need a big payload for tiny screens.

The company aims to make take-out TV more attractive by increasing the number of video channels to 14 by adding popular over-the-air programs to its line-up.

We can sit back and watch as this new technology takes hold, or we can embrace it now and be state of the art. TV on your cell phone will bring a whole slew more options to you and could really catch on as the medium of choice for many people.

I would highly suggest that you keep an eye on Samsung and their emerging technology. This will be more than just a fad and I can see where many, many people would take to this type of portable entertainment. I predict that in five years, this technology will not only be tops in society, but will grow to lengths never before imagined by people today. Check it out.