Cell Phones-The Hottest Form of Communicating

by : nkthen

Cell phones have become the hottest form of communication. however it is only since the mid 80's that they have become a popular form of personal communication. Their meteoric rise to fame is due to several reasons.

One of the main reasons is convenience. It is just that much easier to just pick up your mobile to make a quick call rather than having to find the nearest land device. With new technology they have become even easier to use. New services include the ability to access email and send text messages. This allows the owner to quickly access and send email even when they are far away from their computer. They can even receive photos and videos.

Probably the most amazing feature of cell phones today is their ability to take photographs. This is invaluable for the news media when they are covering a late breaking story. It can also be used for recreation purposes.

In Japan people have taken their mobiles to a whole new level. The phone company can immediately give earthquakes and other natural disaster alerts to the customers. Added to this emergency crews can easily locate people with signals from their mobiles. The users can also notify the phone company if they need help or just let their loved ones know that they are safe. In this way they can be used as a means to help people in emergencies as well as personal calls.

India and China have become the world's fastest growing communities for cell phones. There has been an enormous surge in new users in these developing countries. As the range for these devices grows it is now possible to use some of them globally. This has made them even more convenient and popular.

These handy mobile devices have now become a fashion statement with various decorative features and accessories. They are no longer just for business and cars but have now become a standard feature with most people.

The cell phone is particularly popular with teens and the younger generation. They have become so widely used that many places are trying to prohibit them as a disturbance in certain areas. Libraries and schools in particular have been successful, as have many areas in the work place. However this will not deter the popular trend for having these devices in every part of society. These useful devices are here to stay and people love them