Personalizing Your Phone With Cellular Phone Wallpaper

by : RHendersen

As the popularity of the cell phone continues to rise, so does the effort to personalize the features and services offered on its behalf. No longer does the phone just offer communication capabilities; today's phones provide everything from cameras and personal organizers to video and music capabilities.

Often, the type of phone that we pick is reflective of our personalities and subsequently, we take the decision-making on a variety of topics very seriously including size, shape, color, and features.

Those of us who travel often prefer a phone with Bluetooth capabilities, others of us who need help multitasking prefer those services provided by phones with organizing capabilities.

In addition, cell phone owners go to even greater lengths to personalize their phone - choosing everything from ring tones to cellular phone wallpaper to customize their experience.

Cellular phone wallpaper is that image that is displayed on the screen of our phone. Generally, when we purchase a new phone it comes with a variety of wallpaper from which we can choose. The number of choices and the types differ depending on the brand and model of the cell phone that you purchase.

But the choices of wallpaper do not have to begin and end with those images stored on your phone at the time of purchase. There are a great many images available online for download. Generally, a Macromedia Flash program is required to download the picture from the computer onto your cell phone but it is a process that takes very little time. Even better is the sheer volume of images available over the Internet; literally any image that you can think of is available to use.

In the case of these websites, while there are some sites that charge a nominal fee for image usage, there are a great many that offer these images for free. Some sites even offer the ability to design and download your own wallpaper for the highest level of customization. Design can be achieved in a number of ways including the upload of artwork that you have drawn which the website will condense to make into suitable wallpaper.

For those phones that include cameras, you need only take a photo that interests you to create new, changeable wallpaper. You may wish to take a photo of each of your children and rotate the wallpaper daily or a picture of a place that you particularly love so as to always carry it with you. One clear advantage to wallpaper is the fact that you can change it whenever and wherever you want in order to fit your mood - just as easily as you change your ring tone.

The cell phones of today offer us the maximum opportunity to express ourselves on a daily basis; allowing us to display our personalities through the use of cellular phone wallpaper - a changing tribute to our moods and particular place in life.