How To Buy The Right Gifts For Your Girl

by : teahupoo

Are you the type of guy that is clueless when it comes to buying a gift for your girl? If so, you aren't alone, there are many men who get cold sweats just thinking of trying to find the right gift. Here are a few helpful hints to make the experience a little easier for you.

The problem that most men have is they don't try to think about what she would want and instead buy things they would like to have, well, I can almost guarantee that unless your girl is Danica Patrick or another chick who is into cars she isn't going to be pleased with a gift of tools.

Another big no-no in most cases is to buy your sweetheart something like a cooking set or vacuum cleaner. This is far from romantic and will make her think that the only thing she is good for in your eyes is to be the homemaker. If you do something like this don't be surprised to find yourself sleeping on the couch or with the dog.

If you want to make her happy you can't go wrong with sleepwear or lingerie. Stay away from the frumpy grandma wear, which will only get you put back in the doghouse. If you buy her sexy lingerie you are sending a signal that you consider her to be sexy and desirable. Just make sure that you get her the right size or this can get you in trouble too.

If you decide to buy jewelry for your wife or girlfriend don't go cheap. If you don't have the budget for it you should buy something different. It is better not to buy a diamond at all than to buy a fake one. If your girl goes to show her friends that the diamond is real by attempting to cut glass and it doesn't cut, you are in trouble. In addition, with the technology of diamond testers making them as cheap as they are today, many women have their own so you can forget about passing off one of those new Russian counterfeits or even Moissanite.

If you are like the majority of men, packaging is not your forte. The best option here is to pay someone to do the job for you. The package that your gift is placed in can be as important as the gift. Women really appreciate it when you go the extra mile to present the gift in an attractive package.