Old Film Camera Out, Digital Camera In

by : davek1

Digital cameras have created a revolution in the world of photography. Although this maybe a tad too expensive, the results can be absolutely marvelous. Unlike others, Digital Photography captures an image via a set of binary codes. These images are transferred from the picture card to a PC for printing with the help of a USB (universal serial bus). The picture card is made up of flash memory modules or recordable CDs. You can also transfer the digital photographs to a website for viewing. The digital photographs on the website can be updated using the various tabs available. This will help in viewing the digital photographs in various formats.

Digital Photography vs. Traditional Photography

Digital Photography requires less work and is less expensive. Traditional Photography is time consuming and needs a lot of details like photocomposition, lighting, styling and other factors.

Advantages of Digital Photography

1 - See and improve pictures in a heartbeat
You can review pictures instantly with a digital camera, so you'll be taking better pictures than ever before. Like somebody frowning, somebody acting like a clown. It is just another picture.

2 - E-mail and print photos instantly
Share digital photographs seconds after taking them; e-mail them anywhere; print them at home or online; or place them in an online album, so friends and family can view your digital photographs and order prints.

3 - Perfect your pictures with the "digital magic"
Was a digital photograph too dark? Did someone have red eyes? That is okay. You can use picture-editing software to lighten the digital photograph. These help in cropping the digital photographs and make lots of other improvements after you take the picture.

4 - Unleash your creativity
Fulfill those creative urges. Turn your digital photographs into photo greeting cards, high quality prints, CD album covers, photo T-shirts, online slide shows.

5 - Enjoy pictures and enjoy life!
Invigorating, exciting and delighting. Digital photography is all these things and more. Escape into a realm where you can do almost anything you want with your pictures.
6 - The promise of preview!
In digital photography the images can be viewed even before they get printed. If you do not like the digital photograph that you have taken you can simply edit them to your taste.

7 - No usage of chemicals!
Digital photography does not involve the use of any kind chemicals that is otherwise needed for the development of a traditional film. Here you also do not have to wait for finishing the film roll already loaded onto your camera. Digital photography lets you take as many photographs as possible.

8 - No more film rolls
It is bye bye to those good old days when you have to buy rolls of film and pay for developing it. With Digital Photography there is no more of those double trips to the shop to drop your negatives and then to pick them up.

Application of Digital Photography

Today digital photography is used for all kinds of photographic takes, especially for studio shots. One reason digital photographs are so popular is because they are so simple to share. One minute the picture is in your camera, the next it is gone around the world to a friend. So, now it is your turn to get yourself a new digi cam.