Ready to Go Fishing?

by : granola

Fishing is as old as human life, and a necessity for its survival in some regions. Fish are as plentiful as any other biological forms, and very interesting to eat as well as catch and study. From the skillet to the aquarium, a fish can make us feel good inside or out, depending on our interaction with it. Fishing has even been used as a spiritual metaphor in Christianity when Jesus urged His disciples to become "fishers of men."

From the farmer's pond to all of the seven seas, fish abound in all sizes, colors, and shapes. Their uses vary from one place to another, but predominantly we catch fish to eat them or to mount them somewhere as trophies. Some make great pets or stress relievers in fish bowls.

If you are planning a fishing trip, make sure you take along all the essentials that will make the experience worthwhile and memorable.

1.Bring the right gear. As you become a more seasoned fisherman, you will know which tackle box to bring. From lures to rod and reel, you will need to take into account the body of water where you will be, since freshwater lake fishing is very different from deep-sea fishing. Conditions and specimens will vary by watery environment and global region, so the wise fisherman will understand something of the prevailing conventions and conditions before heading out.

2.Dress for the occasion. If you're ice fishing, don't forget thermal underwear and insulated footgear. While in the tropics, apply sunscreen liberally and dress light. If you're not used to large waves and are headed out to the open sea, take along motion sickness medicine or wear the patch. A hat, sunglasses, and a watch are all helpful while fishing.

3.Safety first. If you're manning the boat, make sure you know how to operate it and what to do in case of emergency. Check weather and boat traffic conditions in the area where you plan to fish. Wear a life preserver or keep one close by. Take along a radio or cell phone so you can contact the Coast Guard if you run into trouble. Avoid using alcoholic beverages while fishing, as many boating accidents are associated with its use. Make sure the boat is in good condition before taking it out.

Wherever you go, or whatever you fish for, have fun doing it. Just be sure you plan ahead and take along everything you need to be prepared for any unexpected circumstances. Check with fishing experts before you go, or take someone who is knowledgeable with you. You can buy a book or even rent videos on many kinds of fishing, so learn all you can before you go to have a great time.