Getting Into Racing Nitro RC Cars

by : kurtlclark

Remote control cars are growing in popularity everyday, Forget about the RC cars of the past that had the high-pitched zippy sound and were wobbly and difficult to control, the RC cars made today are absolute fun machines.

Your RC vehicle will be powered one of two ways, it will either be charged electrically or it will run on fuel (also called Nitro cars). You can also get a two or four-wheel drive vehicle, on road (for racing) or offroad such as in the case of the miniature ATVs and monster trucks that are made to rule the rough terrain. If racing is your goal, get a 4WD Nitro vehicle for optimum performance.

If you really want to make your RC car on your own, there are great kits available that come with everything you need to construct a track or offroad ready car. An example of a great kit that has everything a hobbyist could need is the Nitro RS4 3 18SS Kit - 4WD 1/10 Scale Nitro Car. This car even has an outstanding 1.5 horsepower 18SS engine. This car runs just as well on the racetrack as it will in a casual competition in your local parking lot. The difference between this RC racecar and the racecars you might remember from the past is in the 2.5 MM thick chassis that is made from aluminum and adds no discernible weight to the vehicle but will keep it steady no matter how high your speed.

When you build your RC car, take your time and make sure you build it exactly to the manufacturer's specs or otherwise you might wind up with a car that doesn't run at peak performance. Most RC kits come with everything you need to build the vehicle of your dreams, however most do not come with radio control systems, as that is usually a vastly personal choice. You won't find one radio systems is far better than another, however you will find that certain radio systems are better for your own personal RC driving style. Experiment and you will find the perfect fit.

Once you hit the track, take it slow and learn the nuances of controlling your car. There's no point to put a lot of effort into building a great looking RC car and then hitting a wall with it. Learn to control your car first and then gradually up your speed as you get better at using the RC controls without looking. When you can drive your car without looking at the controls, you're ready to race!